Before Thomas Winston was a year old, his parents knew he had food intolerances manifesting as eczema and severe dermatitis.

A sudden outbreak of hives and a severely swollen face from an accidental wheat-based snack, though, changed their lives forever.

They took Thomas to an allergist who diagnosed his sensitivities to wheat, tree nuts, soy, dairy and peanuts. A prescription for ephinephrine injectors and strict dietary guidelines set his mother, Angela Winston, on a new path.

Gluten-free bakery

After experimenting with commercially-available cake mixes, which she found to be horrible in taste and texture, Angela set out to create recipes for better-tasting, gluten-free baked goods. After several years of recipe perfecting, testing them on her son and several friends who are also gluten-intolerant, she bought a professional mixer and opened up shop.

Liberation GF Bakery opened at the end of August this year and bustled over the weekend with Thanksgiving orders for families and friends with various food allergies. Running the business out of her kitchen, Angela plans to continue its growth and loves the phone calls she gets from happy parents who are glad to find a nut-free and gluten-free resource for children’s birthdays and holidays.

You can find The Liberation Gluten-Free Bakery at

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