TF Foods is recalling 10.6 ounce packages of Fried Bean Snack (Na-Pia-Jo) for possible undeclared peanuts. The recall is immediate and products are being removed from store shelves.

The undeclared peanut could cause life-threatening reactions in some people and is in sufficient quantity to be harmful to many peanut allergy sufferers. The packages of Bean Snack were distributed nationally from November 2015 to Februrary 2016.

The product is in a clear plastic bag holding 10.60 ounces.

Fried Bean Snack (Na-Pia-Jo) is a nationally-distributed product.

No illnesses have been reported in conjunction with the recall, but it was initiated after it was discovered that the packaging did not contain a peanut warning. One of the ingredients of the Fried Bean Snack is peanut-derived. This came about due to a change in recipe that was not reflected on the labeling.

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