In the coming baseball season, the Toronto Blue Jays will offer fans with peanut allergies a chance to catch a game without constantly worrying about an allergic reaction. Three games at Rogers Centre, the Blue Jays’ home stadium, will have a peanut-controlled seating area for fans with peanut allergies, and for their friends and family.

According to theWinnipeg Free Press,the peanut-controlled seats are available for three games: May 28 (vs. the Baltimore Orioles), July 24 (vs. the Oakland Athletics) and August 10 (vs. the New York Yankees). The peanut-controlled section will be in the 200 level, outfield seats in right field. No peanuts or other nuts will be sold by concession stands near the designated seats. Though it’s the first season the Blue Jays are offering peanut-controlled seating, the team already hopes to offer it again in future seasons.

Tickets for the peanut-controlled zone will be made available to fans with nut and peanut allergies, as well as their friends and family. While the area will have policies in place to prevent peanut residue from affecting fans seated in that area, the team cautions that it may not be entirely peanut- and nut-free. Because Rogers Centre is an open-air facility, peanut particles could find their way into the designated peanut-controlled area. However, notes the Canadian Anaphylaxis Initiative, the peanut-controlled area gives fans with allergies a chance to enjoy a baseball game without constantly being surrounded by other fans eating peanut snacks.

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