A woman in Massachusetts says she was denied a job after discussion about her peanut allergy turned the employer against her.

Kameela Coleman was scheduled to begin work at a dental outpatient clinic at Boston Children’s Hospital, but her job offer was rescinded after they found out about her severe peanut allergy.

Coleman says that she disclosed her allergy in good faith and made it clear that they would not have to do anything to accommodate her and nothing about the job should have exposed her to anything. Yet after extensive questioning by the hospital’s administrators, she was told that they were pulling the job offer as they could not offer her a safe work environment.

In a statement to ABC News, hospital officials acknowledged that they had denied Coleman employment because of her allergy, but say it was because they could not guarantee her safety. They claim that this is not discriminatory on their part.

Coleman has not said whether or not she plans to sue the hospital over the decision. She says her allergies have not been an issue at previous jobs.

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