Dogs have some things in common with humans when it comes to their health. They can have a wide range of allergies, just as humans can develop. Some dogs an even have a peanut allergy. If a dog has ear infections, loss of hair from scratching and biting, or skin irritation, and the dog has been fed peanut butter, these symptoms could be from an allergy to peanuts.

Many Dog Treats Contain Peanut Butter

Dogs usually love the flavor of peanut butter, so manufacturers put it in dog biscuits and bones. Vets often suggest that patients give medication to pets by hiding it in a dab of peanut butter. Dog toys are specially made to hold peanut butter too. The peanut butter is put inside the chew toy for the dog to find. Some vets also suggest that pet owners supplement packaged dog food with peanut butter because of its nutrients, especially the high amount of protein from the peanuts. The oil in the peanut butter is also good for the dog’s skin and can add luster to the pet’s fur.

Veterinarians May Recommend Allergy Testing

If you have been feeding your dog peanut butter and he develops allergy symptoms, you will need to make an appointment with your vet. Peanut allergy symptoms in dogs make the animal very uncomfortable. The dog may scratch continually, rub her face or ears on the carpet, and moan. The only sure way to know if peanut butter is causing the allergic reaction is to eliminate it from the dog’s diet and see if the allergy symptoms stop.

Peanut Butter Is Healthy For Dogs Without An Allergy

Besides being high in protein, peanut butter also has Vitamins E, K, and B3. The minerals iron, magnesium, potassium, copper, and calcium are also contained in peanut butter in small amounts. Dogs should be fed high-quality peanut butter, not peanut spread. Peanut butter without added corn syrup, sugar, or salt is best to feed to your dog. If a dog is overweight, only a very small amount of peanut butter should be fed to her since it is a food that is very high in calories.

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