Sunflowers: tall and regal with their big, yellow petals and deep brown faces. After the glory of the flower come the beautiful seeds, packed tightly, emerging from the center like a gift.

Sunflowers are beautiful, and their seeds are packed with health benefits for your entire body. It doesn’t take more than a handful to make you feel great.

Healthful benefits

Sunflower spreads are a favorite for people desiring peanut butter alternatives, but the seed and it’s many forms stand on their own as a great addition to your diet with or without a nut allergy.

Sunflower seeds control cell damage, playing a role in preventing cancer because of the high selenium content. The tiny seeds also contain bone-healthy minerals like magnesium and copper as well as vitamin E, which is known to alleviate arthritis pain. Vitamin E is also great for your skin and hair, giving it a natural shine.

Sunflowers for relaxation

Not only can you relax cracking the seeds and leisurely eating them, the magnesium inside the seed helps to keep you calm, ease stress and even help with migraines. A quarter cup of sunflowers a day could help prevent heart trouble. The seeds disallow bad cholesterol from sticking to the walls of your arteries where heart attacks begin.

Versatile – they go anywhere

Take them with you on the go as a snack and to ward off the late day munchies. They can be sprinkled on your salad, sandwich, pasta or mixed in yogurt with fruit and granola. Sunflowers are a great replacement for peanuts in Chinese stir fry.

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