If you’ve recently discovered a peanut allergy in your family, you may be wondering what on earth you are going to replace those peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with or what you can smear on a cracker or piece of celery for an afternoon snack. There are delicious options and after a while, you won’t miss peanut butter at all.

Alternative Nut and Seed Butters

There is a good variety of peanut butter-like spreads out there. Almond butter, cashew butter, soy butter, and sunflower butter are some of the most popular peanut-free varieties. They can easily substitute peanut butter for baking, spreads on toast, and the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Barney Butter was voted the #1 Nut Butter Brand for being 100% Peanut-Free by Self Magazine. They offers its customers an incredible variety of yummy almond butters, such as the Crunchy Almond Butter, that are perfect for baking, and spreading on toast. Also, adding Barney Butter’s Powdered Almond Butter to a smoothie will give it a creamy delicious nutty flavor.

Before dabbling in other tree nuts, make sure your doctor gives the approval.

Cream Cheese

With jelly on a sandwich – wonderful. Great as a spread on toast or on crackers. Plain goes really well with veggie sticks or flavored Triscuits. The fruit flavors are wonderful on bread and fruits.


Often overlooked, guacamole is a wonderful spread. The texture and flavor are spreadable and hearty. Works as a sandwich spread, fill a pita or roll up a tortilla with it. Top it with salsa too.

Hummus and Other Bean Dips

This bean dip is a tasty, savory garlic-laced treat. Use it as a dip on crackers and for vegetables. Fill a pita with it. Eat it with a spoon. And it’s easy to make and inexpensive. Other bean dips like refried beans are also excellent spreads.

Vegetable Purees

Roast any vegetable combination and puree it. Roasted red peppers are an excellent choice for this. Toss in a few artichoke hearts and you have an unusual and tasty treat. Try it as a spread on crackers and toasted pita. Or, put it on scrambled eggs in the morning. Use it with cream cheese on a sandwich to prevent sogginess.

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