September 20, 2023

Peanut butter crafts for kids, minus the peanuts

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Peanut butter is everywhere, even in craft projects at schools and friends’ houses. The good news is that any peanut butter substitute works just as well! Try any nut or soy butter (WowButter and SunButter too) and the result will be just as much fun to make, eat or simply play with.

Nut Butter Play Dough

Mix 1 cup of creamy nut butter, 2 cups powdered sugar and 1/2 cup honey. The dough is the perfect consistency for your little one to roll, shape and mold into anything. Play dough molds can be used to make specific shapes. Rolling pins and cookie cutters add to the fun. You can use food coloring if you’d like some variety. And clean up is easy – it’s all edible!

Bird Feeder

This is a fun project which will get your children outside and interested in nature. Coat a pine cone or even an empty toilet paper tube with nut butter using a spatula or little fingers. Pour bird seed on a plate and roll the pine cone in the seeds. Press into the bird seed to get the maximum amount on the feeder. Hang from a tree branch using a piece of string. Using colored ribbon can make a fun holiday decoration for any time of the year.

Pretzel Tower

Like a house of cards, you and your little guys can take pretzels dipped in nut butter and build a tower. See how high you can go before it falls over. If they fall off, you have to eat them! You can also use celery and carrots. Who says you can’t play with your food?

Sandwich Art

Use a cookie cutter in a festive shape to cut sandwich bread. “Ice” the bread with your nut butter spread. Now decorate using raisins, chocolate chips, red hots, licorice strips or anything else. You can make a Christmas tree and decorate it. Cut out an airplane or a football and put on the laces. When you’re done, top it with a matching jelly covered slice of bread and enjoy! Snack time can be fun and nutritious.

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