You have cleaned out the house, completely ridding yourself of peanut products: foods, oils, beauty products. But wait, have you thought about your pet? Many pet products also use peanuts and peanut products in a variety of not so obvious ways.

In their food

Peanuts and peanut oil can be found in popular pet foods, especially dog food and bird food. Anyone who has seen a dog with peanut butter on its nose knows how much most dogs love the stuff. Manufacturers know it too and have used peanuts as a flavor enhancer and filler. There are actually peanut butter flavored biscuits and other treats designed especially for dogs. Don’t let your label reading stop at the human grocery store. Dog and pet treats as well often contain peanuts. Birds eat seeds treats and sticks which often contain peanuts. Don’t overlook the birds, gerbils and other types of small pets for peanut content in their food and treats.

In their bedding

Peanut shells can be used in pet bedding, pet toys and balls. Be sure to confirm what type of filler is used for your pet’s sleeping bed or cage. If there is no label clearly identifying the product used to fill the item, pass. Do not bring anything into your home which could trigger your own allergic response.

In their beauty products

Just like in human shampoos and lotions, animal cleaning products and skincare products may contain peanut oil. Be sure to read these labels as well. Also, before accepting an animal prescription, be sure to tell your veterinarian that you have a peanut allergy. There may be some types of medications and supplements that contain peanut products or byproducts.

Source: WebMD, Kids With Food Allergies

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