There are safety products available for people with peanut allergies but they are not helpful until you know of them.

Here are a few allergy product resources that may increase your peace of mind.

Safety When Traveling

Traveling abroad when you have a peanut, tree nut or other food allergy creates a cuisine problem. Unless you can communicate your allergy to food vendors and restaurant personnel, food choices are limited.

To solve this dilemma, many travelers take food allergy translation cards with them. You can make your own cards or you can purchase ready-made cards from Select Wisely (

The Select Wisely safety cards are the size of credit cards and are well laminated for durability. The manufacturers state the translations are by professional translators with knowledge of regional food and variations of culture and language. These cards do not guarantee safe eating but make eating in foreign countries safer.

Select Wisely has translations for about 65 countries. They also are available to take special orders.

Cards are available for all the main food allergens including peanut, peanut oil, and peanut allergen combinations such as peanuts and nuts or peanuts and soy.

The “peanut and peanut oil” safety card, for example, carries the following foreign language translations:

  1. I have a life-threatening allergy to peanuts and peanut oil. Does this food contain peanuts or peanut oil? (on the front)
  2. If I eat this food or any food that has been cooked with peanuts, peanut oil, or touched it, I will need immediate medical attention. (back)

There are also translation cards available to inform people you need a doctor’s help or emergency hospital care as well as a doctor’s letter for presentation to airlines about carrying auto-injectors on flights. Your physician can copy the letter onto his or her letterhead.

When You Need A Sign

Signs inform, warn and remind people about safety concerns regarding allergies. Here are a couple resources – one of them FREE – should you need a sign.

  1. If you want a sign to protect a peanut or nut-free zone or to warn people with allergies about the presence or use of peanuts and nuts, there are several available at My Safety Sign ( Most of the signs come in different sizes and materials (e.g., plastic, aluminum, laminated labels). Selection includes OSHA and ANSI approved signs.
  2. At Allergy Free Table (allergyfreetable/peanut-signs.php) you will find signs created specifically for use at schools that you can print out and post. Each sign comes in four sizes – large, medium, small and tall.There are signs for peanut or nut-free classrooms and peanut or nut-free zones. Some are also available in Spanish.

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