Burlap bags are often used to store and ship coffee beans, potatoes, rice, seeds, nuts, and peanuts. They can be one of the disguised peanut allergy causes because we tend to think of it as just a bag and nothing else. The problem is that peanut dust may still be in that bag, and if a person is highly allergic to peanuts, it could cause a severe reaction. An allergic person can also be affected if the peanut dust touches their hands or skin. If a child who is allergic plays with a burlap bag that once held peanuts and then puts her hand into her mouth, anaphylaxis could occur. If it does, the child needs immediate emergency care.

Burlap’s Open Weave is an Issue

The weave of burlap material makes it great for storing and shipping peanuts and other products. It is very strong and durable and seldom rips. It allows air to circulate around the product stored inside the bag. The problem that burlap bags present to those with peanut allergies is that the rough shell pieces and inner peanut covering, as well as peanut dust can stick to the burlap fibers for a long time.

Burlap Bags are Used to Ship Products

Bird seed is usually made with a mixture of seeds, and sometimes nuts are added. This makes burlap bags that have stored bird seed also a potential hazard if peanuts were added to the product. Handling the bag can cause a skin reaction if there is only one small piece of peanut lodged between the fibers of the burlap.

Spread the Word

Since not everyone is aware that peanuts are often stored in burlap bags, we ought to spread the word about avoiding them if allergies are present since they can cause peanut allergy symptoms. Sometimes old bags are used for making a homemade tote bag or for other crafts. They can be used in a frame when mounting a photo or for other home decor purposes. If there are peanut allergies in a family, using other materials is a much better choice.

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