Our products were originally created as homemade snacks by a kid with a severe nut allergy and a craving for peanut butter. We use Sunflower Seed Butter as a 100% nut-free alternative to recreate the taste of peanut butter. From homemade, to locally made, to safely manufactured, every product we make has to be nutritious, delicious, and nut-free!...


Positive micro and macro nutritional value – achieved by holding strict standards for each and every ingredient. Clean ingredients from clean sources only. No GMO’s, preservatives, or artificial flavors. Just a short list of simple, nutritious ingredients combined together to make nutritious snacks.


We believe nutritious food should always taste delicious. Our ingredients are carefully blended together to ensure the flavor and texture combination is just right. Sunflower Seed Butter stands out to give you a sweet & salty peanut butter, but not peanut butter taste. We’ve spent years working on our recipes because we understand the importance of a good snack.


We are a 100% dedicated nut-free company. No peanuts. No tree-nuts. No cross-contamination. That means NO NUTS in the recipes, on the equipment, or in the facility. The safety of the food allergy community is important to us.