Beyond The Equator

What originally began as a farming and exporting company quickly evolved into a nutrient-inspired product development venture focused on incorporating these wonderful superfoods into everyday products....

One of the healthiest seeds in the world, chia, became the focus of this research and development. We saw the amazing benefits of chia firsthand, but were frustrated at the lack of food makers using chia. Our goal was to make products that have superior nutritional value and also taste great. Since then, we’ve expanded our focus from just chia to a number of underutilized, nutrient-dense seeds like flax, sunflower, and pumpkin.

As we develop healthier versions of everyday products, we strive to keep in mind the growing concerns for food allergies and produce products that are as accessible and safe to consume as possible.

We launched Beyond the Equator in 2017 with 5 Seed Butter as our flagship product. As we grow, we will continue to innovate and offer the healthiest products possible without sacrificing on taste.

Allergy Friendly

We pride ourselves on making butter free from the top 8 allergens, making it safe for home, schools, offices, and more. We have a dedicated facility free from peanuts and tree nuts.