WOWBUTTER Foods is a small family business, owned and operated by the Mahon family. We started over 20 years ago with the idea of creating unique natural foods grown on our very own farms where we could provide superior quality products by completing every step of the process from "Field to Table" all in one facility. We also wanted to work towards ensuring the future viability of our family farm and at the same time help support other local neighbouring family farms....

Through many years of product development, trials and test marketing, we have progressed to the point where we now focus specifically on soy based foods using soybeans grown on our own farms and other local neighbouring farms located in the fertile soil of South-western Ontario, an area renowned worldwide for its high quality soybeans. In particular, our “Wow! Tastes Just Like Peanut Butter!” Safe-for-School WOWBUTTER spread has become our main product line that has been selected as the focus of our efforts and the product we feel is most needed and most beneficial to society.

Having experienced first hand the impact of peanut allergies in our family and the importance of providing a peanut free environment for school kids, we developed our unique Safe-for-School WOWBUTTER specifically as a peanut butter replacement that “Tastes Just Like Peanut Butter!” for use in schools and other public institutions. We are proud to produce this much needed peanut butter replacement because it provides good nutrition at a time when better child nutrition is desperately needed in society. The benefits of consuming soy foods as part of a healthy diet are well known and extremely important during childhood years and throughout adulthood.

We are committed to providing lunch solutions for schools and helping to increase the number of socially responsible schools in North America that have implemented a complete peanut ban to help protect the millions of North Americans that live with peanut allergies. More importantly, we are helping educate the hundreds of millions of North Americans that are unaware of the severity of peanut allergies and the importance of supporting the implementation and adherence of complete peanut bans in schools and other public institutions.

Often schools have delayed or cancelled plans to implement peanut bans at school due to backlash from uninformed parents who have not been introduced to our product. Until now, there was no consumer accepted replacement for the ever popular PB&J sandwich for school lunches. Our Safe-for-School Peanut Butter Replacement is the only product that is supporting school principals and teachers when peanut bans are implemented with a School Lunch Procedure, School Lunch Letter and School Lunch Labels while at the same time providing great lunch solutions for parents and kids both with and without peanut allergies.