Zego Snacks

We are committed to making it easy for everyone to eat safe, high-quality, nourishing food regardless of their special diet needs....

All day, every day, we think about how to create superior products that are not only free of ingredients that can trigger allergies and intolerance but also free of chemicals like food dyes and artificial sugars and with minimal agricultural residue, like pesticides (glyphosate and others) and heavy metals (lead, arsenic, etc).

We carefully select the farms we source and test for over 400 pesticides, herbicides, allergens, and gluten. Ingredients from industries prone to heavy metal contamination, like protein powder and chocolate, are also test for heavy metals and toxins like lead and arsenic.

Using our patent pending pioneering provenance-based block chain T-CODE food-safety system, you can directly access our products’ test results .

Allergen Statement

Our facility is free from gluten and 12 top allergens, no peanut, no tree nuts, no soy, no milk, no fish/shellfish, no sesame, no lupin, no sulfite, no mustard. No corn on equipment, in production room or in packaging. No artificial colors, flavors or sugars.