Those with an allergy to milk react to a protein contained in it. Dairy allergies cause a range of symptoms, including many that can be mistaken for symptoms of other conditions. Rashes are common with reactions to dairy. If you have a rash and are wondering if it’s a symptom of a dairy allergy, you may be wondering what dairy allergy rashes typically look like. Unfortunately, this rash looks different for everyone. It depends on the severity of the allergy, and some people with dairy allergies do not develop a rash at all.

In babies with dairy allergies, the rash can look similar to baby acne. Dairy allergies can also cause eczema, in which the skin becomes rough and itchy. Other people with dairy allergies develop a rash that looks more like hives. These itchy, red blotches are usually raised, although they could be even with the surrounding skin.?

Rashes may develop on all of the body or on areas that have come into contact with milk, particularly around the mouth. These skin rashes usually appear within minutes or hours after consuming milk, and last less than a day.

The skin may exhibit other signs of dairy allergy in addition to a rash, such as redness and swelling. If you experience these skin issues in addition to other symptoms of a dairy allergy, visit your doctor for allergy testing. You may also want to consider an elimination diet to determine if a dairy allergy is the cause of your skin rashes.

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