September 22, 2023

Do You Have A Food Sensitivity To Tyramines? This May Unlock Answers To Your Food Allergies

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Tyramines can be found in many different foods. They can cause reactions that are much like allergic reactions to foods. You may think that you are allergic to a particular food containing tyramines when you actually have a sensitivity to this food. Tyramines are not considered to be a food allergy. Many foods contain tyramines, and considering if you have a food sensitivity to them can be an important step to find out what is causing your bothersome symptoms.

Symptoms of a Tyramine Sensitivity

Tyramines can cause severe headaches that are so serious that you are not able to carry on with your regular activities. Some people react by having nausea or vomiting, while others have skin sensitivity or high blood pressure. Symptoms may be short-lived, but they can also last for two or three days if the reaction is severe. It is also possible to have lightheadedness that lasts for a day or more, depending on the type of food that was eaten. Another common reaction is an increased heartbeat rate that can feel as if your heart is pounding.

Common Foods That Contain Tyramine

Tyramines are found in foods that are preserved, such as in lunchmeat. Salami, ham, and other meats that are preserved can cause a reaction that is very unpleasant. There is no one food to avoid because those with a tyramine sensitivity generally have a unique list of foods that cause problems for them. Besides preserved meats, aged meats that have chemicals, are salted, or dried may also contain tyramines. Aged cheeses cause problems for many people with this sensitivity. It is safe for most to eat cheeses that have not been aged, such as cottage cheese, mozzarella, and cream cheese. Many people also need to avoid soybeans or tofu or they have an uncomfortable reaction to these foods.

Alcoholic drinks may also contain tyramines and cause severe headaches for those with a tyramine sensitivity. Beer and wine are especially likely to affect these people, especially wines that are aged. Ale, sherry, and vermouth contain the aged proteins that can cause reactions.

Other Foods To Avoid If You Have A Tyramine Sensitivity

Even certain fruits and vegetables can contain tyramine, such as bananas, figs, plums, and avocados. Picked foods like sauerkraut are also responsible for tyramine sensitivity reactions in certain people. Even something like bouillon cubes have tyramines and so do many soups that contain bouillon. Anything that is made from a yeast extract can have a high tyramine level. If you love Chinese food and you have a tyramine sensitivity, be sure to avoid soy sauce.v

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