September 22, 2023

Signs Of An Allergic Reactions To Cocoa Butter

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Cocoa Butter is helpful in preventing and reducing stretch marks from pregnancy or other weight gain. It works by lubricating the skin to retain moisture and elasticity. The formula is made of cocoa butter, collagen, elastin, shea butter, and vitamin E. Many women say that their stretch marks are eliminated by using this product.×280&!5&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=f0Goi14TNu&p=https%3A//

Unfortunately, some people develop an allergy to cocoa butter. People who are allergic to cocoa butter develop a rash on the skin. This is known as allergic contact dermatitis. Each time that the skin comes in contact with cocoa butter, a rash develops.

The odd thing about this type of allergic reaction is that a person can use cocoa butter lotion for years before developing an allergy. Suddenly, the next time that person uses the lotion, he or she develops a rash.

Types of Rashes That Occur with Cocoa Butter Allergies

Several different types of rashes can result if you develop a cocoa butter allergy. Some people get small red bumps and severe itching with the rash. Those with a more severe allergic reaction may develop blisters. This type of reaction is very painful and can feel like a burn. In most cases, the more often the lotion is used, the more severe the allergic reaction will be.

If You Develop A Rash After Using Cocoa Butter

If you develop a rash after using cocoa butter, you will probably easily figure out what caused it. A pregnant woman who uses this lotion on her belly and then develops a rash will probably realize that the outbreak must be from the cocoa butter.

If you want to make sure, you can have your allergist perform a skin test. To do this, cocoa butter will be put on a small patch of skin to see if a rash occurs. If a rash develops, then you will be diagnosed as having an allergy to this substance.

How Cocoa Butter Allergies Are Treated

You will probably need medical care if your allergic reaction is severe. Your doctor can prescribe steroids that will cause the allergen to work its way through your system faster.

Topical steroid creams are also used because they reduce the redness and inflammation from the rash. Non-drowsy Benadryl or another antihistamine is helpful in relieving the itching.

If there are any signs of infection, your doctor will probably prescribe oral antibiotics or an antibiotic cream.

Check The Labels of Products Before Using Them

If you have had a skin rash from cocoa butter products, you will need to carefully read the labels of every lotion, cream or makeup product before using it. Cocoa butter can be a hidden ingredient in many different products. Some perfumes and body sprays contain this ingredient as well.

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