Individuals with severe food allergies always need to carry their epinephrine auto-injectors, but even highly organized individuals sometimes forget things, and those of us less organized forget more often.

Now, a Veta Smart Case and Veta app can help people remember to carry their auto-injectors, and connects them to a support network during food reaction emergencies.

Smart Case Benefits

Veta Smart Case (VSC) is a re-usable carrier for an epinephrine auto-injector, connecting via Bluetooth to its partner app. Together, the case and app may bring added peace of mind to those at risk for anaphylaxis:

  • The app alerts users when the VSC is left behind. For instance, someone leaving the house for work or school without their auto-injector will get an app alert by the time they reach the end of their driveway.
  • The app’s GPS, and the case’s flashing light and audio pings make locating misplaced auto-injectors easy.
  • The app connects Veta users to a chosen support circle of family, friends, or guardians. Users have one-touch access to those in their circle, and the app alerts users and circle members whenever the auto-injector is removed from the VSC.
  • Each user can define how much other information the support circle will receive, such as the user’s location. Optionally, users can also join a larger Veta public support group.
  • Sensors in the VSC alert the app when an auto-injector’s temperature goes above or below the range set by users. The app also warns when an auto-injector’s expiration date is approaching.
  • The app tracks the VSC battery level.

Other available Veta resources are “mom-approved” shopping lists, barcode scanning, food shopping tips, and the locations of nearby pharmacies and hospitals.

Independence and Security

Using the Veta system may help food-allergic children and adolescents gain more independence while their parents enjoy a greater sense of security.

For instance, on school days a parent can use the app to make sure that a child has their auto-injector with them, and can check the status of auto-injectors stored at school. A child’s support circle can include teachers, coaches, and the school nurse—people who are close by on school days and trained to help with food emergencies.

The VSC and app also help busy teens keep track of their auto-injector, and lets them know when it’s accidentally left behind.

Veta runs on iOS and Android systems. Currently, it’s only compatible with Mylan auto-injectors, including their generic product. To learn more about Veta, visit the Aterica Digital Health website (link below).

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