September 22, 2023

Home remedies for hives

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Hives can come in many varieties, but they are all irritating and can be very painful.

If you’ve gone through the different over-the-counter and even prescription medications but want to try something else, there are plenty of home remedies that may help.

Avoid the triggers

It’s seems like the obvious home remedy, but if you can avoid those things that cause the bumps and welts then you are way ahead. See if you can figure out what it is. Some common causes are food allergies and stress. Keep a diary of the foods you eat and where you go. Your location or the weather may indicate an environmental culprit. Include shampoos, vitamins, soaps, cleaning solutions – everything you can think of that touches your skin. A common drug trigger is aspirin and ibuprofen, but other drugs can cause hives too so make a note of everything.

Take a cool bath

Cold will shrink blood vessels and inhibit further release of histimines. Add some colloidal oatmeal (not the variety you have in the kitchen!) to the bathwater and soak for 10 to 15 minutes. This can also act as a destressor which can help with hives as well.

Try witch hazel or calomine lotion

Dab these on to the affected areas. These astringents shrink blood vessels too. Milk of magnesia or Pepto-Bismal are alkaline and can help relieve the itching.

Make a paste with cream of tartar

Just a few drops of water will create a paste you can smear on the hives. Leave on to relieve itching and irritation.


Mix a teaspoon of vinegar with water and dab on your hives with a cotton ball. This will sooth itching as well.

Nettle supplements and teas

Nettle supplements can be taken as an alternative to antihistamines. Follow directions on the bottle. Nettle teas can help or even eating the nettle weed steamed has been known to provide relief from hard to treat hives.

No matter what you do, wear soft, clean, loose clothing to prevent further irritating your hives. Try not to itch – what starts as hives could end as an infection.

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