September 22, 2023

The Jaffe Allergy Technique: An Alternative Approach

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The Jaffe Allergy Technique or Jaffe Mellor Technique (JMT) is an alternative approach to addressing symptoms of a variety of health issues, both physiological and psychological. Practitioners of the JMT are usually naturopathic doctors or highly trained acupuncturists. The approach relies on the assumption that microorganisms, or External Pathogenic Factors (EPFs), over time cause the immune system to be overworked. This triggers some kind of response by the body including allergy, skin conditions, anxiety, arthritis or any number of other conditions. As the EPFs gather in parts of the body, the immune system attacks them, and healthy tissue is damaged in the process.

The JMT has been developed to counter-attack the EPFs. Each EPF has an “energetic signature” or vibration pattern. When these vibration patterns are reproduced in glass vials filled with water and held by the individual experiencing symptoms, the introduction of a counter vibration will theoretically dispel the harmful vibration in the body and eliminate the symptom.

Commonly Used with Acupuncture or Acupressure

A typical session using JMT will begin by having the patient hold a glass vial filled with a specific energetic signature or allergenic material and then be asked to perform a strength exercise. The exercise can be as simple as squeezing a tong or shifting position.

The bottle is swapped out for other bottles until a weak spot is shown. A weak spot is determined when the patient cannot squeeze the tong with the same force as he or she did for other vials. If a weak spot is found, usually some kind of relevant acupressure will be performed or homeopathic medicine administered. If the person doing the test is an acupuncturist, the discovery will determine the appropriate acupuncture treatment.

Finding a Practitioner

The scientific community refers to the JMT as applied kinesiology, which means it is pseudoscientific and not supported by research data. Always look for experience and credentials when finding a person who practices this technique. A naturopathic doctor is a good place to start.

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