A 7-year-old boy in Iowa recently survived a severe peanut allergy after eating a peanut butter snack. Max Roseland has known allergies to peanuts and gluten, in addition to asthma. Just before the Christmas break, his class at school was having a special movie day. His mother went to the school to approve the snacks that would be served. But, within hours of her visit, Max took a bite of a peanut butter granola bar.

Amy Roseland, Max’s mother, toldKCCI 8 Des Moines“I’d gotten a phone call that he’d taken a bite of a peanut butter granola bar.” Though the bar was not on the approved snack list, it apparently made its way out of a lunchbox during the movie party, and in the darkness, Max took a small bite.

Soon afterward, his tongue started itching. His mother took him to Children’s Hospital, where Max said he had a stomach ache, but he was talking and breathing normally. It wasn’t until nearly an hour went by in the emergency room that his skin broke out in hives and his throat began to tighten, classic signs of an allergic reaction.

Dr. Rob Chaplin, a critical care specialist at Children’s Hospital, says that most peanut allergy reactions happen immediately, and that delayed reactions such as the one Max experienced are extremely uncommon. Although Max had to be hooked up to a breathing machine for a while, within 12 hours the peanuts had cleared from his system, and the symptoms had improved.

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