September 28, 2023

Mother, daughter die of food allergies while on vacation

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A mother and daughter on vacation in Bali died from complications due to food allergies.

The two were from Australia’s Sunshine Coast and were vacationing in Bali at a beach resort when they suddenly became ill from what was thought to be food poisoning. The reaction was so severe, however, it is now believed that it was a food allergy instead.

The mother, Noelene Gay Bischoff, 54, and her daughter, Yvana Jeana Yuri Bischoff, 14, were described as “inseparable” by friends and family. The two died in their ambulances as they were being taken to hospital.

No known allergies

The resort manager on duty told newspapers that the mother and daughter had checked in for a two-day holiday and had spent the evening out but returned around 8 p.m. Five hours later, Yvana was violently ill and asking staff for help.

When ambulances arrived, the two were taken to a nearby medical clinic, but the mother died en route and the daughter was forwarded to a more capable facility in Denpasar, but she died en route as well.

It is not yet known what they had eaten, and no known allergies were reported by family.

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