Foods to Avoid with a Wheat Allergy

Those who are allergic to wheat need to avoid all wheat products.

Wheat allergies are common food allergies, according to the Mayo Clinic. There is no cure for a wheat allergy, so the food must be avoided.

If you have a wheat allergy and you accidentally eat food that contains wheat, you could have symptoms that range from mild to severe. Some of the common symptoms are swelling and itching in the mouth and throat, hives or an itchy rash, trouble breathing, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting.

Wheat allergies can also cause anaphylaxis

Anaphylaxis is a serious reaction that can occur from eating wheat if you have a severe allergy to this food. If you or someone else develops chest pain or tightness, swelling or a tight feeling in the throat with trouble swallowing, get emergency help immediately. Fainting and bluish skin may be other symptoms, along with a fast heartbeat. This allergic reaction can be fatal if you do not get immediate treatment.

Wheat is present in many different foods

It may sound simple to avoid bread, crackers and pastries that contain wheat, but this ingredient is used in many other foods that you may not know about. Gravy is often thickened with flour, and it is used as part of the breading for fried chicken or fish. It is also present in soy sauce, ketchup, pasta and beer.

Many cereals also contain wheat even if they are made primarily of corn. It is important to read all food labels when you have any type of food allergy. When you dine at a restaurant, find out if any of the food products that you order contain wheat.

Foods to avoid if you are allergic to wheat

You may not realize that foods like couscous, farina, semolina and spelt contain wheat, but they do. Wheat is also hidden in vegetable protein that is sometimes used as a meat substitute and in meats like hot dogs or cold cuts. Many dairy products like ice cream contain enough wheat to cause an allergic reaction in someone with a wheat allergy.

Many foods contain modified food starch that is made from wheat. Even vegetable gum and gelatinized starch contain wheat as do many natural flavorings. Hard candies, licorice and jelly beans may also contain wheat and should be avoided.

Sometimes wheat allergies can be exercise induced

In some people, wheat allergies only show up if they exercise after eating wheat. This type of reaction is typically an episode of anaphylaxis, the life-threatening whole body response to an allergy in the body.

Call 911 or get emergency help if you have symptoms of a wheat allergy when you exercise a few hours after eating a sandwich or food that contains wheat. Anyone who has had this severe allergic reaction needs to carry epinephrine at all times.

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