September 25, 2023

Kids With Food Allergies Could Have A Bad Reaction To Play-Doh

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Play-Doh is a popular modeling clay that young children and toddlers love to play with. They can squish it with their fingers, roll it out with a toy rolling pin and cut shapes with toy cookie cutters.

Older kids love it too, and if they are particularly artistic, they can design many shapes and objects with this pliable material.

Play-Doh sets often focus on creating foods such as ice cream, cakes and other sweets that are very attractive to children. Newer types of Play-Doh are sprinkle versions that look good enough to eat.

Play-Doh Should Not Be Eaten, Especially By Kids With A Wheat-Allergy

Children under 3 years of age need to be watched closely when they are playing with Play-Doh. This is because young children tend to put it in their mouth and may swallow it. The bright colors and delicious-looking foods that can be made with it are hard for some children to resist.

A child with a food allergy to wheat could have a severe allergic reaction after eating it since it does contain wheat. Cans and bags of Play-Doh warn parents and caregivers about the wheat contained in this product.

A wheat allergy is one of the most common food allergies among young children – the group that loves to play with Play-Doh. Even a tiny taste of the modeling clay could cause a problem for a child with an allergy to wheat.

According to the manufacturer’s website, Play-Doh does not contain peanuts, peanut oil or any milk byproducts. Hasbro, the manufacturer of Play-Doh, posts on their website that their product “is not a food item and is not intended to be eaten.” The manufacturer also states that this compound may cause an allergic reaction because of the wheat gluten that it contains.

Babies and Dogs Should Not Be Allowed Near Play-Doh

Play-Doh is not intended for babies or for very young toddlers who are still in the stage of putting everything in their mouths. All young children could
potentially choke on Play-Doh if they try to swallow a large piece of the compound. This hazard means that kids of preschool age should be monitored and watched closely as they play with this substance. The very salty taste is not appealing to most kids, but there is always the chance that a child will try to eat it.

Dogs should also be watched closely when young kids are playing with Play-Doh because the high salt content of the compound can cause serious problems to them and to other pets. Children tend to drop pieces of the play clay while they are playing, so if a dog is underneath the table and eats the pieces that fall, it could have a fatal reaction to the Play-Doh.

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