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Posted on: Thu, 10/14/1999 - 12:10pm
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Our school has been great. I am allowed free reign to train teachers, lunch ladies, etc. Our cafeteria manager and her boss quit accepting free crushed peanuts, stopped making pb cookies, and removed celery w/ pb. They read all labels in freezers, pantries, fridge (so far, Little Debbies is all that we have found.) The bought a separate cutting board for pb sandwiches. (they are then wrapped prior to serving.) All the food is fine, and we will continue checking. My PA son has his own table. Which started the following:

Other first graders saw his class switching seats in the cafeteria. Other moms started a petition to allow their kids to switch seats as well. Now the ENTIRE elementary school is "desegregated" and can sit anywhere they want to at lunch. Before it was one assigned seat and that was it.

I laughed so hard when I got wind of this. Who would have thought one little thing would carry over.

My son has been reaction free for 2 years and 10 months. He is cautious. We carry Epi's everywhere. He did smell a pb cookie brought by accident to his table. He did the universal sign for "god that smell sickening." and jumped up away from it. A lunch lady rushed right over and helped him.

By the way, she discovered during our training that her daughter had anaphylaxis to insects, but she hadn't understood the severity until I described symptoms. Maybe we saved her life too.

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