Anyone in Ann Arbor, MI?

Posted on: Wed, 09/26/2001 - 5:45pm
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I'm at the U of Michigan and I am finding it difficult to exist here as a PA person [img][/img]

The cafeteria uses peanuts to the extent that I'd rather just not eat there at all. They told my mom they the only peanuts they had was peanut butter, on a table separate from everything else. But they serve peanut-centric meals just about every week, and there are 96 total recipes they use that I am definitely or possibly allergic to. Only considering nuts.

Right now, I'm really only eating pizza, burgers, and chips and that's only like twice a day. I'm trying to get more food options on my own, and then I'm going home this weekend and going shopping with my mom. Also might get a fridge and microwave (I need those SO bad) and then I can make some food for myself.

I had a near-fatal reaction in Japan this summer and it didn't shake me too much at first but now it is [img][/img] Especially being alone at college. I haven't really made any friends yet, either.

And reading these boards just makes me so paranoid, I can't stand it! I mean, I should know this stuff, I guess. But it seems as if nothing's safe... [img][/img]

Posted on: Thu, 09/27/2001 - 1:20am
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Is there a health clinic for students at your university? Maybe you can check with them for support and any information they might have on where to eat safely. Do you live in a dorm? If so there is probably a Resident Assistant who might be able to connect you with people that might be able to help. I found the U M allergy links [url=""][/url] there are some phone numbers there maybe you could try. Please find someone to support you because this must be overwhelming for an 18 year old. Do you carry an Epi Pen at all times? Stay safe so you can enjoy your college years.

Posted on: Thu, 09/27/2001 - 9:37am
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I always carry 2 Epi pens with me, or I don't eat.
I've talked to people. The cafeteria won't change its peanut-intensive plan but they gave me an alternate plan that lets me eat at Subway, Villa Pizza, and Wendy's. So that's where I've been eating all my meals.

Posted on: Tue, 10/02/2001 - 4:32am
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There is a support group that meets in Livonia, MI, quarterly. The next meeting is on Oct. 19th. The topic is food allergy & anaphylaxis. The group has a website, [url=""][/url] The meetings are held at Kresge Hall @ Madonna University. Hope to see you there.

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