Classroom Valintines Party

Posted on: Tue, 02/15/2000 - 12:54pm
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Thought this would be good to share this one.

My 9 year old multiply food allergic always says no to treats other mom's bring in and he doesn't usually eat any of the previouly sent in safe treats. So I was asked to bake some cookies to share with the classroom (as I've often done before) and the cookies would be safe for him. I let him select the reciepe I'd bake. He ate cookies that night. Yesterday he went to school with each cookie in vip-lock baggie(safe from cross-contamination of other cookies brought in) I asked how party went he said fine only one child didn't want cookie we sent in.
However, I just had to ask my son if he ate a cookie at the party- he said no!!! :-)

I'm sure the teacher was baffled - but my husband and I just had a good laugh- after all a kid is first and foremost -a kid. If he didn't want cookie then that's fine.

He has always been good about saying no to questionable foods.

Lately, he doesn't like to be around peanuts- but has been on occaision- like tonight we celbrated my birhtday and the restraunt brought free choc cake with choc icing- my son asked if he could have some because it looked so good- then I pointed out to him the chopped nuts on top. He wanted it away from him.(I will never permit him to eat cake out as he is egg, peanut,treenut,sesame seed, strawberry and peach allergic.) I had one bite of the cake then husband had some my nonallergic son didn't eat any we left the rest.

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