cupcakes in an ice cream cone

Posted on: Fri, 08/20/2004 - 4:29am
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Anyone ever try an egg free cake like this? I think they look cute and might be fun for my dd's pool party birthday, or for school cupcakes. I might practice this weekend, but was hoping someone tried it too. Becca

Posted on: Fri, 08/20/2004 - 10:26am
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I've made these without eggs a few times. The cupcakes actually hold up better in the ice cream cone and are not as crumbly.
They were a hit at preschool last year.
Quote:Originally posted by becca:
[b]Anyone ever try an egg free cake like this? I think they look cute and might be fun for my dd's pool party birthday, or for school cupcakes. I might practice this weekend, but was hoping someone tried it too. Becca[/b]

Posted on: Fri, 08/20/2004 - 10:48am
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I have made these many, many times over the past 25 years. (I know, I know...don't count the years!) For best results, make them the day they are to be eaten. If kept overnight, the cone tends to get on the soft side--at least in my house!
Edited to add: With/without egg doesn't seem to matter re the cone. I've just always had best results made same same day!
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Posted on: Sun, 08/22/2004 - 1:27am
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I've also made cupcakes in the cone and added safe sprinkles to the top of the batter before baking. Its much easier to travel with instead of dealing with frosting - I just put the cones in plastic ziplock bags. The kids love sprinkles.

Posted on: Sun, 08/22/2004 - 1:44am
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I read that somewhere, on a recipe site, about better to eat the same day. I hope to do them for her birthday party, but she insists she wants a cake. <>. I just do not think I can decorate a cake nice enough. I will work on her, lol.
Edited to say thanks for the replies! becca
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Posted on: Mon, 08/23/2004 - 3:07am
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Hi Becca,
I am terrible at decorating cakes too. But, I did make the "dive-on-in" cake by [url=""][/url] Of course, I used safe candies, etc. Very easy, came out great and kids of all ages loved it! Here is the link. If you can't open it up, go to and search for "dive-on-in".

Posted on: Tue, 08/24/2004 - 8:21am
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O.K., I'm really not that stupid when it comes to baking, but how do you bake these cupcakes in the cones? I've seen them and had them. I have a friend who puts the batter in a muffin tin and then puts the cone down on top of it and bakes them that way. I think it makes them look crooked though. I figure you're suppose to put the batter directly in the cone, but how do you get them into the oven and out without them tipping all over the place??

Posted on: Wed, 08/25/2004 - 4:37am
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Hi Jodi,
I bought a mini cupcake pan for this reason. I found one at WalMart that has 24 holes. I stand the cones upright in the mini cupcake pan, pour the batter into the cones and bake. I haven't had them tip over yet!
Also, I have read that other people use the regular size cupcake pans and wrap tinfoil around the base of the cones so it doesn't tip over. Good Luck! The kids really love these.

Posted on: Wed, 08/25/2004 - 11:38am
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can you please post the cake recipe you use too, Thanks

Posted on: Thu, 08/26/2004 - 7:08am
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I have only tried the cones with the following recipe! I haven't been too adventurous with them.
This is from "What to Eat? The Milk, Egg, Nut Free Food Allergy Cookbook" By Linda Coss.
Chocolate Layer Cake (Note: for cupcakes, bake 350 degrees for 20 minutes or until done - as for the cones, keep checking on them, not sure if it took 20 minutes).
3 cups flour
2 cups sugar
1/2 cup dairy-free 100% cocoa powder
2 teaspoons baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
2 cups water
2/3 cup vegetable oil
2 tablespoons distilled white vinegar
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Using 100% vegetable shortening, grease and flour two 9-inch round cake pans.
In a large mixing bowl, combine flour, sugar, cocoa, baking soda and salt. Add water, oil, vinegar and vanilla. Beat with a spoon or wire whisk just until batter is smooth and ingredients are well-blended.
Pour batter into prepared cake pans. Bake in preheated 350 degree oven for 35 minutes, or until wooden pick inserted into the center of the cake comes out clean. Let cool in pans 10 minutes before turning out onto wire racks to cool completely. Frost
(This will also make one 9x13" cake too). I have also used this chocolate cake recipe in the ice cream cones and it came out great too! I have also tried omiting the cocoa powder and doubling the vanilla extract to see if it makes a decent "yellow" cake (as my 2 y/o son doesn't like chocolate), it came out okay, I think it may have needed more vanilla extract.
Posie Cream Frosting
This is especially good for use in a decorating bag, for cake decorating. Please note that it is essential that you use electric beaters for this recipe -- the consistency will be terrible if you mix it by hand.
2 cups dairy-free 100% vegetable shortening
1/8 teaspoon salt
3 cups sifted powdered sugar, divided use
1/4 cup dairy-free margarine, room temperature
1-1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
Food color, optional
Place shortening, salt, 1 cup of the powdered sugar, margarine and vanilla in mixing bowl. Beat with electric beaters at medium speed until mixture is smooth. Gradually beat in the remaining sugar until of spreading consistency. If desired, tint with food color.
Makes enough frosting to frost a 9-inch double-layer cake or a 9"x13" single layer sheet cake, with enough left over for decorating.

Posted on: Thu, 08/26/2004 - 9:38am
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What make of Ice Cream Cones to you bouy that are both Peanut & Egg free.


Peanut Free Store

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