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Posted on: Fri, 04/21/2000 - 4:00am
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This morning I booked a round trip flight from Boston to Orlando with Delta Express.

The reservation guy "Troy" was great!

I told him of my son's peanut allergy and he knew Delta's exact policy. He said he needed to put me on hold for a few minutes while he contacted the appropriate airline people to tell them to not serve peanuts on either of our flights. Which means they do serve peanuts and/or peanut containing products, but they will put off serving them on your flight.

I was on hold for about 1/2 an hour, but during that time I knew that Delta was taking a very pro-active approach to my son's allergy.

I have called delta half a dozen times over the past few months, speaking to as many representatives, just to see if any of their stories change. They never have.

I flew with Delta and Delta Express last year (before I knew of my son's pa) and they served little snack packs with granola bars and packaged crackers. There were probably nuts in at least one of those items. But that I can deal with. I just don't want 250 people all simultaneously opening packets of peanuts.

Also, he said to make sure and take a Dr.'s notice if you need to carry an Epi Pen or any type of syringe/meds. while traveling.

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