Posted on: Fri, 07/07/2000 - 9:33am
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After reading these boards lately and reading some books, Im wondering can PA's eat any processed Ice Cream? Do you make your own, how do you deal with this? Any recipes, I think I'd like to try. As always, any help appreciated!! Thanks

Posted on: Fri, 07/07/2000 - 11:24am
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pMy PA son is just 5. We don't let our sonbr /
have any ice cream that is not home /
I looked at one package of vanilla ice creambr /
and it said peanuts (not even may contain,br /
but it said it had it). My daughter andbr /
husband had it and there was no peanuts, sobr /
I think even if it is not a peanut flavor,br /
it more than likely is made on the samebr /
equipment as other peanut containing icebr /
creams. We bought a small electric icebr /
cream maker and made our own vanilla and putbr /
berries on it. It was great. But what abr /
suprise when our PA son didn't even care forbr /
it. He is just so used to not tastingbr /
ice cream. I hope he will come to enjoy itbr /
so he can have some once in a /

Posted on: Sat, 07/08/2000 - 2:18am
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pLydia,br /
I don't allow my PA son to eat ice cream at ANY type of ice cream parlor (not even soft serve). However, I do feel comfortable with most brands bought at my grocery store including Breyers, Wegmans, and Edys./p

Posted on: Sat, 07/08/2000 - 10:33am
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Anonymous (not verified)

pWe do eat ice cream. We have a Dairy Queen in town which I have been going to for 2 years. It is only lately (maybe since finding this site!) that I have started to be more concerned about going there because there are so many peanut products involved with their other ice cream treats. But, we have had cones from there for 2 years without incident. As far as store bought, the only brand that I can buy in my one grocery store town that is "safe" for Jesse to eat is Chapmans. This is Canadian. Check out their thread under Manufacturers. They have a really positive attitude toward PA and if you do contact them by e-mail, as I have done to check on a popsicle, they e-mailed me back telling me the lines that are run in a peanut free facility and the lines that are run in a facility that has peanuts in it somewhere. It was wonderful. So, yes, we do eat ice cream. As I said, I am a bit wary of Dairy Queen but have eaten it for 2 years without incident and Chapmans is the store brand we can buy./p

Posted on: Sat, 07/08/2000 - 9:07pm
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pThank You everyone, for your great responses, I have called hagan daz, and they do not have a dedicated line, but i will try breyers, and be aware. Cindy, I too like you, now after reading this site am MUCH more leary about places. But we are learning a little more every day!! :-)/p

Posted on: Sun, 07/09/2000 - 6:04am
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Anonymous (not verified)

pLydia, I kinda liked it more when I was leary because of someone else's concern within their "comfort zone". I do appreciate the caring, support, compassion and information I've found on this site, but sometimes when I read things that frighten me that I wasn't frightened about before it's kinda offputting. I simply have to learn to read other people's posts and decide to take things with a "grain of salt" or recognize that that is their "comfort zone" and it doesn't have to be mine. For example, I haven't gone out to buy wipes to wipe down tables yet even though other people do, but after I read that people were doing that, I really questioned whether I should be doing that too. At any rate. Here, in Canada, we can buy the less expensive Breyer's, it is "safe", but strangely enough, their "All Natural" reads "may contain", which I was not pleased with. I'm fairly sure that Haagen Daaz here does not have a "may contain" label on any flavours unless they do have nuts in them and I'm comfortable buying products if they are run in a facility with peanuts as long as the "may contain" label does NOT appear on the label. /p

Posted on: Sun, 07/09/2000 - 8:53am
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pCindy, I know sometimes the fear and doubt are croakers!! That's why i love to here peoples hope. Their sucess storys, I try to stay away from threads that will scare me, or maybe it is just my mindset at the time, that I end up frightened. The corrospondence is great!!/p

Posted on: Mon, 07/10/2000 - 2:05am
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pCindy Lydia,br /
Hi I just wanted to clarify what I said about the ice cream! As far as the Breyers goes I only buy the Vanilla which doesn't say "may contain traces". I can't imagine that there are differen't labels for the US and Canada, but possibly. I definately would not purchase anything with that warning label! But like Cindy, I will purchase a product that is manufactured in a facility that uses peanuts as long as the warning label is NOT on the product. Good luck to both!br /
p[This message has been edited by rscollo2 (edited July 10, 2000).]/p

Posted on: Mon, 07/10/2000 - 3:08am
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pSo far this summer I have given my 2 year old PA son 3 different ice creams./p
pThe first was raspberry swirl frozen yogurt made by Hood. I was pretty leary of it because they also make peanut butter and almond flavored frozen yogurt. The container had NO telephone number. I gave him a spoonful or two and then watched him like a hawk for the rest of the night. Nothing happened, but I don't trust a manufacturer that can't even provide a telephone number./p
pThe other time was a generic brand of what we call in Massachusetts "hoodsies," they are little individual servings of vanilla/chocolate ice cream. There was no warning label so I let him have one./p
pThe last ice cream he had was last night. Again, it was a generic brand (can you tell I'm cheap?) of sherbert. No warning label, so I let him have some. No reactions, so I guess I feel pretty okay with giving him store bought ice cream. We did walk by a Brigham's ice cream parlour and I contemplated giving him a vanilla soft serve, but my gut instict was telling me to walk on by. It was very busy and the counter help didn't look very promising. Something about getting into a debate on a hot summer day really doesn't appeal to me./p
pHope that /
Good luck!/p

Posted on: Mon, 07/10/2000 - 3:16am
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pBeware of the gas/ convenience store tub ice cream. Our experience is the people dishing out the ice cream have no idea what is in it and the tubs are not marked well. That was the last time my severly PA daughter had a reaction and it was a few years ago./p

Posted on: Tue, 07/11/2000 - 11:30pm
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Anonymous (not verified)

pI make my son's ice cream per allergert's recommendation. Son is 100 tradition CAP RAST to peanut, two treenuts(allergic to all tree nuts),eggs, seseme seeds and shellfish. He is also allergic to strawberies and peaches. I just got clarification about vanilla and can use the McCormick brand-the company really never answered my question but son's allergist O.k.'ed it. The doctor questioned safety of another flavoring I was using and I stopped using teaberry for about a year- but when the vanilla ice cream I was making didn't pass son's likes I added teaberry and red food coloring before ice cream set. I just never got around to writing the company which makes it though I will before buying another bottle of it./p


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