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Posted on: Wed, 11/10/1999 - 12:58am
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Anyone who can find info on this and post it here for others to see, please do. This also is to remind you that the work that you do and the info you post (and send in to PeanutAllergy.Com) helps many people and helps to work on many issues. If you want to see changes and want to help make a difference, join (see link below) PeanutAllergy.Com NOW! Put all info you can on any subject or issue you want to work on on this site! This not only helps you to find out more about a subject but it makes a difference because many of us are working on similar issues etc. and your info may help and or put us in touch with one another so we all can work together (if you include your contact info etc.).

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Here is part of an e mail we received looking for info to put together an information package for schools.

We also can use this thread to put together info for consideration for this type of school education package. Anything you would like to see in a package which would be presented to schools for educational and safety issues post here or send to e mail address: [email]schools@PeanutAllergy.Com[/email]
It is best to post it if you can.
part of her e mail:

dear chris,

my dad, who is a pediatrician contacted peanut and requested
information regarding the difference and definition of hydrolyzed oils.
vegetable and or soy protein. are they indeed different words for peanut

I was advised to stay away from these oils but would like confirmation if
there really are dangers.

my dad is working on an information package for the school district on food
allergies which is great.

i would really appreciate hearing from you or having you direct me to the
correct person regarding these oils.




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