Earth, Air, Fire, Water.....Kasserri, The Fifth Element

Posted on: Sat, 10/16/2004 - 2:08pm
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Remember that little Yia-yia/Pa-pou store in



Well, you may not find Milla Jovovich there, but you probably will find a necessary ingredient to cook up some excitement.


This is mints on pillows, place-cards, chair covers with big bows, live dinner music, champagne splits at brunch, liquor filled chocolates, crumb sweepers.......... [img][/img]

It's just one of those things you like to do for your guests. [img][/img]

Or, for yourself, after an hour on the StairMaster. [img][/img]


Remember the little flaming Flea ringmaster in "A Bug's life"? Horrifying, yes? Listen carefully then. [img][/img]

[b]How to make "Flaming Greek Cheese or [i]Saganaki[/i]"[/b]

([i]oh..........I could run with it.....laughing tears here, folks, but not wanting to spoil any appetites[/i])

I could sent y'all out to a kitchen implement store for an [i]appropriate[/i]circular sizzle pan in serving cradle but, I am feeling tawny.

Remember that big 'ol cast iron skillet your spouse insisted you buy that because it would [i]last forever[/i], and you'd never have to buy a teflon coated pan again, but you kept getting yelled at for "ruining[/i] the seasoning by washing it in the dishwasher?

No? [i]Maybe it was just me.[/i]

Anywhoooooooooo, a small seasoned cast iron skillet is needed. [img][/img]

3 pounds Kasseri. (You're not going to eat 3 pounds Kasseri?) Well, I buy three pounds since then I get a piece big enough to cut 1/3 inch or a bit thicker slices that are approximately 4 inch by 4 inch or bigger. I know, soooooooooooo indefinite of me, but I really never measured [img][/img].

[b]Remember to cut any wax off the edges. [/b]

Olive oil (The good stuff) or Butter (Olive oil has a tendency to smoke when used for frying)

Olives (Calamata are my personal fav)

Crusty bread (leave it whole to later tear with your bear paw...hands. Or delicately slice it into more manageable portions)

Vino. Red. (This is for drinking)

Brandy for flambe' (*This is for Flambe'--not drinking)



lots a lots a lemon wedges (with lemon seeds removed).


Protective devices. A sturdy set of Potholders work for me.

A Fire Extinguisher appropriate for kitchen cooking fires. Just in case.


Warning: Prepare and cook this dish in an area appropriate for "flambe'-ing". There will be flames involved. Wear appropriate clothing for "flambe'ing". No wearing loose flamable items either. Keep hair pulled back. This should only be done by an appropriately trained adult.


set aside a teaspoon or two..... of the brandy for flambe'.

Beat a few eggs up. [img][/img]

dip prepared cheese "slices" in egg.

let drip momentarily,

then flour

carefully set in:

margarine that has been melted in pan over a moderate heat. (I go easy on the margarine but enough so cheese doesn't stick to pan and pan is still a bit greasy when I flip the cheese.)

oops. getting ahead of myself here.....

flip the cheese when golden brown in order to brown other side.

careful to control heat so as not to have cheese melt thru and thru before browning.

This process of browing completely will take approx 2-3 minutes. Use protective devices as necessary.

When golden brown on both sides, but not smooshy, yet yields to gentle pressure from a fork...............

You may serve it for eating. Serve with crusty bread, olives, and wine where appropriate. Enjoy.

Or...................this next part is entirely optional. [i]Proceed at your own risk.[/i]

Using protective devices.......[b]Remove from heat[/b] and turn the flame [b]off[/b]. Remember to keep this in an area *approved* for "flambe'-ing" foods. And not near anything flamable. Do not hold the pan at all during the next part:

CAREFULLY, CAREFULLY, !CAREFULLY! pour the one to two teaspoon amount of brandy for flambe' previously set aside [b]on[/b] the browned cheese still remaining in the pan. Do [b]not[/b] "splash" it on. Stand the rest of your body back while you do this keeping face away from pan, but paying attention to what you are doing. Keep others at a safe distance as well. (Remind folk PRIOR to embarking on this)


If the brandy did not ignite, light it with a long, long matchstick.




[i]Shout:[/i] [b]O-PA!![/b]


Remember to dispose of matchstick by immersing in a glass of water prior to throwing it out.

In either case, after several seconds, and in a careful manner, paying close attention to personal safety........douse the flames remaining by squeezing lemon wedges on them. Be careful not to burn yourself.

If fire is completely extinguished, you may use protective devices to handle the pan and distribute the goods.

Serve with crusty bread, olives, and wine where appropriate. Enjoy.

General Disclaimer: Cooking with fire can be dangerous. Use Caution and protective devices as necessary and in an approved area. Competent adult supervision necessary.

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