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Posted on: Sat, 06/03/2000 - 2:06am
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As most of us are approaching the end of a school year( yeah we made it,) I thought it was an important topic to bring up. I noticed on another board somewhere a little boy mentioned he wanted to give goodie bags to his classmates. We are doing something similar. The kids in my daughter's kindergarten class have been great this year and we wanted to find a way to thank them. I considered goodie bags but decided on something that would last a little longer.

I went to the Amazon site ( go there through peanut allergy.com so they get credit for the sale) and searched for children's books on friendships. I found one called A rainbow of Friends it is all about recognizing and supporting differences in each other. It is a great book. It is only $3.95 in softcover. I ordered one for all 16 kids in her class. We are going to write a personal thank you inside the cover and stick one of FAN's Be a Pal stickers inside. That way everytime they open their book they remember why they got it.Shipping is much cheaper when you order in bulk( one book shipping was 4.50, 17 books was 20.00).
Also a favorite Thank you to some school staff (librarian,music teacher, computer teacher) is a box of candy from Vermont Nut Free Chocolate ( again give this site credit for the sale). Again is reenforces the message about the allergy.
I really try to send home the message to these people that they have protected my daughter's life and i am very grateful to that. I also plan on sending another thank you letter to the editor of our newspaper.
It is amazing how many people respond to a little kindness and how good they feel when you acknowledge the effort they have made. The cost does add up (as my husband keeps reminding me)but I really think it is just so vital to keeping positive support going at school.
Many Many teachers talk about how much well intended junk they get at the end of the year. Millions of coffee cups or apple decorations. How about as a Thank You for being supportive of the allergy to tell them you made a donation to peanutallergy.com in their name.That way we all benefit from the gift.
If money is a little short don't underestimate the value of a heartfelt personal note.
Any other ideas?

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