Fear Of Flying...and other questions

Posted on: Sun, 04/09/2000 - 5:23am
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Hi all, I'm brand new here. My DS 16 months old has anaphylactic allergies to dairy and eggs and a PA. I have a bunch of questions and hope you guys can help me.
I'm an American living in Ireland. The medical care here is abysmal! I finally got an appointment with an allergist on April 19th. DS was RAST tested by a Pediatrician. He only scored a 2 on Peanuts but it is my understanding that your RAST score on peanuts will not predict how badly you will react, e.g. a score of 2 can provoke anaphylactic shock on exposure and a 6 could only provoke hives\swelling. Is this correct?

Are PAs for life? I've been told that DS will outgrow most of his allergies. He also has eczema and asthma.

My parents want us to come over for a visit but I am terrified of being on a plane for 6 hours over the Atlantic. What if my DS is exposed to something? I have an EpiPen but it is my understanding that the effects only last 15 minutes. What would happen after that? Would he die?

I know that some airlines have meds on board to deal with anaphlactic shock. Does anyone know what meds these are and if they would be capable of saving my son until we landed?

Do you have any other general advice? My son's diet is so extremely limited as it is. He is still Breastfed for his milk. He's never had peanut exposure. I haven't eaten anything with peanuts since he was born and very very little during pregnancy.


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