Talk of cutting food safety financing during peanut butter recall

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You will find hundreds of small food recalls each month. These recalls are headed by, however not required by, the FDA. The federal government's funding of the FDA is not typically considered during these recalls. The 2011 Skippy recall, however, is bringing to mind the reduction in funding. The increase in the number of recalls does not seem to be sustaining an increase in financing. Instead, lawmakers are considering cutting funding. Resource for this article - Peanut butter recall 2011 highlights danger of cutting funding by MoneyBlogNewz.

First peanut butter recall for 2011

Skippy peanut butter was recalled in 16 states which will likely cost the company more than fifty million dollars. Salmonella bacteria might be in the Skippy Reduced Fat Creamy Peanut Butter Spread and Skippy Reduced Fat Super Chunk Peanut Butter spread. The 16.3-ounce plastic jars with UPC numbers 048001006812 and 048001006782 are integrated in the recall. Unilever as the Skippy manufacturing business is working with the Food and Drug Administration to get this product recalled.

Obtaining funding for food safety

Last year, there was a bill that was signed into law. It updates the FDA. To be able to get a recall before, the FDA had to work with the business. Now the FDA can issue the recall itself. More money was put in the Food and Drug Administration spending budget so that food safety is closely viewed while new inspectors could be employed. It seems that the funding for these changes might not last. The safety and quality of meat may go down. This is because there are reductions being done to the United States Department of Agriculture. Congress is also calling for additional cuts to the budget of the Food and Drug Administration, which might leave new food safety initiatives un-enforceable. With more than 3,000 fatalities each year attributed to tainted food, the consequences of the lack of funding are urgent and serious.

Issues food safety faces

The difficult challenge that comes from funding food safety is something the U.S. must face. The U.S. needs the Food and Drug Administration. It's responsible for making sure the food and drugs are acceptable. The United States Department of Agriculture helps with food safety too, along with 14 other agencies. You will find also several government officials that keep track of this in the state and cities. Though heavier regulations and more financing could improve food safety, heavier regulation comes with its own challenges. A significant percentage of sales are lost by small farms, farmer’s markets and local food because of these regulations. When it comes to reform, there is political, social and economic changes needed to get it done even though millions are lost in the safety spending budget with every food safety recall.

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DH's dream is to move up to his hunting property and live of the land. News like this makes me think it isn't such a bad idea.

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This isn't a bad news for me in fact this would be a good news for everyone who want every food that there eating is safe. Well I'm trying to say that there's no one who wants to eat a food that might have some infections or diseases brought to right?. Anyway as an additional there has been an outbreak of salmonella lately it came from the ground beef. Within the last few months, an outbreak of salmonella diseases has sickened seventy seven people and wiped out one. Conventional antibiotics haven't been very successful in treating this infection. The authorities have yet to pin down a cause of this episode, though ground turkey is possibly the culprit. Source for this article: 6 month salmonella outbreak still leaving FDA mystified

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