Traveling in less than 2 weeks - advise needed please...

Posted on: Tue, 05/11/2010 - 1:45am
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I also posted this under flying... :)

I have twin 11yo who are pa/tn/egg/shellfish (among lots of others) allergic.

We will be flying on US Airways (don't serve peanuts)

My question is what type of documentation does everyone take and my children are on lots of medications has anyone ran into problems with TSA boarding etc?

I am planning on pre-boarding to wipe down everything - what about plastic gloves and masks - is this overdoing it?

All your advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much!
in Alaska

Posted on: Sat, 05/15/2010 - 1:44am
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Hi Twinsmom,
I always bring a doctor's note stating that the medication I carry for my son is required due to the severe nature of his allergy. I bring multiple epi-pens and have never had a problem doing it this way.
Good idea to preboard and wipe everything down. It can't hurt to bring on board other items that make you feel comfortable. I myself don't bring gloves but the last time we flew someone had peanuts out a few rows ahead of us before they made an announcement...the flight crew were awesome, they spoke to the gentleman and he was great about putting them away. I would have gladly had him wear a mask for a bit if I'd have had one.
In my opinion you can't take too many precautions when flying. We have had very successful flights with our PA son but we always go prepared and we've been very lucky to have flown with excellent airlines that have been very accomodating.
Good luck and try to enjoy the flight...sounds like you are doing everything right!!

Posted on: Wed, 05/19/2010 - 7:51am
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I have flown many, many times on various airlines, internationally and regionally. I have never brought a doctor's note with me, but without one, you need to make sure a copy of the prescription for epi-pens or twinject is on the exterior of the case or box. Benadryl or prescription anti-histamines, as long as they are not in liquid form, have never been a problem for me.
I do not pre-board, although it is sensible to do so. I always speak to a flight attendant right away to let them know my situation. I do not wear masks or anything like this, although I am sensitive to the smell. If the airline is not serving nuts normally, the likelihood that someone ate nuts in your particular seat and left enough invisible residue to cause a life threatening reaction seems very minimal to me, so masks and gloves are precautions I do not take, but that's my comfort zone, as an adult who has traveled solo many times :)
I do use babywipes or something similar to wipe down the surfaces. I have had flight crew members offer to do it for me, but have never thought it necessary for me. I'm low maintenance, maybe...
Usually the flight crew will make an announcement. most people are cooperative, there is also one person who doesn't care and eats a reese's anyway, but it has never caused a problem for me.
Have a wonderful trip !!

Posted on: Thu, 05/27/2010 - 5:33pm
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what airline do you fly on that makes an announcement? I fly all the time too -usually on United, American or Lufthansa. Jet blue is the only airline I have flown on that has made an announcement. Just curious. Also, my allergist has told me that I can request a nut free buffer zone if I want when I fly. I fly quite a bit internationally and have never thought to do that either since United to Asia doesn't serve nuts anyway except in business and first. Anyone ever tried this? Normally I just ask the people in my row to please refrain from eating nuts. Ever since I started doing this a few years ago I have only had one woman act nasty about it and tell me that she had just eaten nuts and the dust was all over her hands, etc, etc. Halfway through the flight she stomped to the back of the plane to eat the rest of her nuts even though I did offer to change my seat with someone else. Maybe she was just having a really bad day.
I don't pre board either, nor do I wipe anything down since I am also allergic to aloe vera and all of those baby wipes contain aloe. I just don't use the tray and I try to eat very little anyway on international flights in order to reset my body clock. Usually I just eat something right before I get on the plane and then a small snack right before landing. Years ago though, I did use the tray all the time without wiping anything down with no trouble. I also don't wear a mask, though I don't fly on airlines that hand out peanut snacks to everyone either.
As a side note...I am a premier member with United and my spouse is a 1K. I talked to someone at the special 1k call center today who wanted to bump me up to first class on my next flight. When I explained to her that I don't feel comfortable riding in first because of the nut snacks she became very upset and stated that she was going to tell United to stop serving nuts in first in order to accomodate me! I doubt that will ever happen but I thought it was a nice gesture.
Have a great trip!

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