I took my son home before lunch today - did I do the right thing?

Posted on: Wed, 10/24/2001 - 3:26pm
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Boy, I hope I haven't ruined my good relationship with the school. Tell me if you all think I overreacted. But they were supposed to have had wipes for all the kids to use after lunch from the beginning of the school year, and I found out there still were none.
I took a letter over to the principal, nurse and teacher yesterday, and when I hadn't heard anything 10 minutes before lunch today, I called over there and was told they were working on it, but wouldn't have any wipes there today.
I told the secy I was coming over to take my son home since it wasn't safe for him, especially since it was raining and all the kids would be inside after lunch.
His teacher looked in shock (she really wants to keep him safe). The school has been very cooperative, but this really got me mad. (It didn't help that Monday I had found out he had watched a PG movie there at lunch - sent a note in Tuesday saying no PG movies without my permission - took issue of movies at all in school, even at lunch, to the PTO, who didn't seem to care!)
I was angry while I was there (not yelling, I have laryngitis right now!) and let them know it. He's going back tomorrow (it's a half day for teacher-parent conferences). How can I get back on a good footing with them? Any advice?

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