\May contain\ warning to be \outlawed\?!

Posted on: Fri, 01/12/2001 - 10:24am
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pThe other day there was a warning post in one of these threads about Stouffers cookies and not having a "may contain" warning on them. We too have given our daughther these cookies on occasion and were shocked to see that they were unsafe.br /
Well, I couldn't resist an e-mail to the company. This is an excerpt from the response:/p
p=============================================br /
"The labeling you are speaking of is a very complex subject full of debate inbr /
our government. The reason we do not put "May contain trace amounts ofbr /
nuts" on our labels, is that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) greatlybr /
frowns on this practice. They feel it gives a company "license" to bebr /
sloppy about allergen cleanup in their plants. This labeling may very wellbr /
be out-lawed in the near future and we do not want to make any labelingbr /
decisions until this issue is resolved by the FDA./p
pSincerely,br /
Kathleen Robinsonbr /
QA Manager"br /
pIs this true? Did anyone else's heart skip a beat when they read that? How could you find this out? /p
pSorry if this should be in another thread./p

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