Nabisco Teddy Grahams

Posted on: Thu, 03/06/2003 - 6:30am
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Anonymous (not verified)

What is your comfort level with Teddy Grahams and which varieties have you safely eaten? We have had the cinnamon and honey ones. For some reason, I am comfortable with the cinnamon, but anxious about the honey, and very suspicious about the chocolate chip and chocolate. I am sure my kids would love to try these though...

Posted on: Thu, 03/06/2003 - 7:21am
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Joined: 01/23/2003 - 09:00

My son has been diagnosed with peanut allergies since he was 18 months old. He is now 3 1/2 and has always eaten teddy grahams without any problems. He has had honey, cinnamon, chocolate and chocolate chip.

Posted on: Thu, 03/06/2003 - 8:55am
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Joined: 05/28/2009 - 16:42

We added Teddy Grahams to our safe snack list last September, but avoid the chocolate chip for the probably the same reason you avoid them. I don't buy them too often, but my kids like them and we've eaten them without incident.

Posted on: Thu, 03/06/2003 - 9:21am
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My son eats all the Teddy Grahams except the chocolate chips...I don't buy anything with chocolate chips. He particularly loves the chocolate bears and I've not noticed a problem.

Posted on: Fri, 03/07/2003 - 4:10am
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Joined: 05/22/2001 - 09:00

We use mostly the honey, but have done the cinnamon alot too, and the choc. chip and choc. ones on occasion. Never a problem. becca

Posted on: Fri, 03/07/2003 - 4:21am
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We have tried them all, but my PA son prefers the honey ones and the new cheese ones - I know it sounds weird to eat a cheese Teddy Graham, but hey what can I say [img][/img] he loves his cheese...

Posted on: Fri, 03/07/2003 - 4:56am
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Joined: 08/22/2000 - 09:00

We have only had the chocolate and the chocolate chip. My PA son has eaten them often, but I have never called the company.

Posted on: Mon, 04/07/2003 - 12:19pm
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My dd has eaten all of them without problems. We also have Dora The Explorer ones here in the honey flavor that she also likes.

Posted on: Thu, 06/19/2003 - 3:49am
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We had used teddy grahams for years and last summer my son had a reaction to the honey ones. Many, many sneezes and lots of mucus followed by benedryl. now we eat them rarely.

Posted on: Fri, 06/20/2003 - 9:57am
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My PA son has eaten them for almost 2 years and never had any problems. His favorite are the chocolate ones.

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