Ok, so the school year is 1/4 over and how many nut \'issues\' have you dealt with ...

Posted on: Wed, 10/18/2006 - 9:32am
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No 504 here. DD is in 1/2 Kindergarten in a private school. We've had 2 issues with parents bringing TN warning snacks, and now one upcoming issue with a fall festival. Someone is bringing cookies with a tree nut warning for the Kinder. class to frost and eat. Ugh...

That makes 3 issues for us...how's YOUR year going so far?


Posted on: Wed, 10/18/2006 - 10:01am
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No issues, it's actually going very well.

Posted on: Wed, 10/18/2006 - 10:19am
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We have a 504. We use a public cyberschool (charter).
We have had one 504 violation, fairly well-handled. Zero risk to DD, incidentally.
We also do violin in a local elementary school twice each week.... obviously, we do not have a 504 there, since DD doesn't attend the hosting elementary school (though it is the one she [i]would[/i] attend) and the program is largely administered by volunteers. Anyway-- in the space of three weeks, we have had not one, not two, but about FIVE issues. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/rolleyes.gif[/img] Good grief. Good thing I am right there the entire time.
I reiterate that people who don't live with this are [i]NEVER[/i] going to get it without a TON of help. Usually via the law. Get a 504. The contrast--and differing level of simple [i]mobilization of resources[/i] to do it right--between these two situations is incredible. This with staff that are both equally eager and willing to help in any way. But with a 504, "We just can't" suddenly turns into "Let me see what I can do."

Posted on: Wed, 10/18/2006 - 12:10pm
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Posted on: Wed, 10/18/2006 - 12:32pm
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Posted on: Wed, 10/18/2006 - 11:14pm
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Since we do not have a 504 and only have voluntary cooperation from parents to not send snacks to the classroom with nuts/peanuts, we've had several non compliers. (I'm in process of 504).
Muffins from DDonuts brought in with nuts for birthday. Teacher would not serve them.
Some days the lunch is eaten in classroom. Parents are supposed to look at the school calender for these days and not send PB&J for lunch. 3 times they have. They isolated the PBJ eaters at a table in the classroom, washed table & chair, washed hands immediately after.
Yesterday, I was helping for pizza lunch and they ate in classroom. New student (her first day) brought PBJ sandwich and a bag of strawberries. She looked like she was going to cry when the teacher sat her at the table. The teacher handled it well, but the girl seemed upset that she did something wrong. I actually felt bad for her.

Posted on: Thu, 10/19/2006 - 12:59am
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I hate to sound stupid but what is the 504 for? I have my son in a private school and it is getting harder and harder to inform parents of his allergies. He has too many to list. His major ones are Nuts, Eggs, Sesame Seeds, Wheat, Soy, Citric Acid, Gluten, Malt, Barley, Buckwheat, Milk, and White Potatoe. I have had many parents send in Nutella or PBJ for their kids lunch. This is the first year I was not picked for his class to be a class or lunch mother. My son is very careful and he is very clear when he sees someone eating things he is allergic to he insistes that they wash their hands before he is allowed near them. Can anyone suggest a way that he would be safer? His principal insists that the parents would never do anything to hurt him but I have had meeting after meeting to see if we could eliminate nuts from school. This was voted down by the board.

Posted on: Thu, 10/19/2006 - 1:39am
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No issues here, thank the Lord. Have had issues with the child that I take to school, his mom has sent him with nut-breakfast bars that I have had to talk to her about because he has had it on his hands and face while sitting beside my daughter in the car. No eating is allowed in my car. I wipe the child's hands and face now before he gets in every morning. Other than that, all has been very well. Hope it continues this path.
Mom to Alyssa (PA, age 6)
Mom to Theodore (age 3)

Posted on: Thu, 10/19/2006 - 7:30am
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school kitchen using ketchup with nut trace warning.
rising number of peanut butter sandwiches in school. ( not too worried about my lad, but its the younger nut allergic kids in school , as young kids are so messy.)
classroom activity. teacher got points for checking with me, ( she doenst seem to know what william is allergic too !! AHHHHH!!!)
william decided himself that they were not trustworthy so didnt eat any thing.
I need longer than the night before to check this sort of activity out.
Not surprised, cant be bothered to be too stressed with it all.
have other concerns.

Posted on: Sun, 10/22/2006 - 1:58pm
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No reactions but possibly some close calls.
During the first week of school for my 2nd grader, another student waved a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in his face, which will not happen again as the teacher and the school nurse had a nice talk with the kid.
Last week, there was some concern because a child who had just eaten a peanut butter sandwich was speaking to my son and he spit accidentally while he was talking. It landed on my son's face. I had to pick him up from school because he was so anxious over the situation.
No 504 here, but I'm starting to think about it!
Otherwise, no problems [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/wink.gif[/img]

Posted on: Thu, 10/26/2006 - 2:38am
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A few, but not all,
Communication I delivered via email this morning:
Dear Mr. (principal middle school),
Thank you and the IEP Team for certain efforts and coordination that makes it possible for (my son) to maintain enrollment in district programming and benefit. I think he is doing well, the school has welcomed him with open arms, and he feels at home. I feel at home. I have my concerns regarding next year, but we can discuss that in a future IEP meeting. Still I have a concern to discuss. Several, indeed, that I feel necessary to relate in order that they do not become more concerning. While they are still remediable. Please bear with me.
Over the last several weeks, even though I have left several messages for you, including one with the Dean requesting you contact me at your earliest convenience, I have not received a return call or email. There are several items I need to cover specifically, and in this email, but not limited to.
To begin, as per (my son's) IEP, I need to help choose safe Hot lunch choices. I spoke with (hot lunch coordinator) earlier this year and requested that when she plan the remaining menu items for January - June, she contact me and let me know, allowing input. I would have assisted with the first half of the menu, but the menu was determined and sent out and monies collected before I was contacted for input. I wanted to be sure this did not happen for the second half. As per (my son's) IEP as well, this communication is to be facilitated per administration at (middle school name), namely, yourself, or the special education case manager, but as I have found out on my own, (my son's) case manager has taken a leave of absence.
It probably explains why I have not been made aware of, or allowed input, regarding several other food based "treat days", which (my son's) IEP also addresses.
It was agreed upon in (my son's) IEP that the school would facillitate this communication, and ensure it occurred, namely to provide (son) safety during these events (related to a life threatening Food Allergy and the provision of food in mass quantity to an entire student body). It was agreed upon, in writing, that I would be contacted in advance, in order for this to occur. So far, at my request, related to the first half of the menu offering, and not regarding "Treat Days", I have received one phone call from (hot lunch coordinator) only. During that phone call, I was asked if I could [i]"just keep my child home on Hot Lunch Day"[/i], as she indicated the menu had already been planned, distributed, and monies collected from the entire student body, and would require a great undertaking to undo. Again, I was not contacted, as agreed upon by members of this committee, and facilitated by Team Me mbers, in advance.
I'm assuming that this sentiment, to "just keep my child home on Hot Lunch Day" also included "Treat Days". I could be wrong. I'm sure you understand such a sentiment violates (my son's) right to Least Restrictive Environment, although I wouldn't expect all parents to necessarily understand that. It was probably just a knee-jerk reaction on her part. It probably seemed reasonable to her.
But that conversation. Even though I would expect to answer questions about what might be "safe" or give suggestions as to "safe" options, I wouldn't expect to give minute detail of my child's IEP or reveal more personal information about him, other than his Life Threatening Food Allergy and Asthma in order to justify my participation in that process. It seemed, though, inevitable, in the absence of administrative Team Members. As I have indicated, it was a concern I relayed to you explicitly at our first meeting, prior to the start of the school year during the IEP meeting. It influenced the language of (my son's) IEP.
I made you aware of this concern in advance, at our IEP meeting, and again, after a conversation with (hot lunch coordinator), during which I received many pointed and possibly rhetorical questions from her that I felt were an invasion of my child's right to privacy. Namely, school related privacy. I can't be too critical of (hot lunch coordinator), because it is a responsibility (in general as well as detailed in (son's) IEP) for administration (namely and limited to an IEP Team Member(s) ) facilitate this type of communication. This communication in particular. Actually, the IEP just reiterates a long standing obligation when it comes to these matters.
I am requesting, therefore, that you arrange to meet with me and (hot lunch coordinator), in advance, in order that we discuss and plan the Hot Lunch Menu for January-end of school year.
Possibly for next year as well.
In order to facillitate it's planning and (my son's) safe participation.... I am also requesting that you meet with me and the Treat Days coordinator(s) in the same fashion. In advance. I haven't been contacted by those coordinators yet.
Hot Lunch Day occurs monthly and Treat Days occur sometimes multiple times during the same time period, but at least monthly. Two days a month, minimum, as an "excused" absence is far too many, if any at all, and unjustified, considering the advance planning that (my son's) IEP states needs to occur. (my son's) very real health concerns already results in an inordinate amount of missed school time. I believe he missed *four* days last week due to an acute exacerbation of Asthma, and including a day that week where the nurse called, concerned about his respiratory status. (I picked him up early on that day).
I am not entirely sure what is the trigger, but most certainly, his Asthma was nearly unmanageable last week. He continues to be symptomatic, despite the judicious implementation of numerous prescriptive interventions, through his physician, including documented medicated nebulizer treatments, oral prednisone, inhaled steroids, antihistamines, leukotriene inhibitors, and as a precaution and with hesitation, antibiotics. ((son) was hospitalized prior to the start of this school year with a resistant mastoid infection) His Asthma has improved, and remains barely under control. I won't hesitate to say a near week long absence has contributed to its improvement.
We've managed to stay on top of his homework, but his absence last week will probably be reflected on the Math test he took yesterday. Although his progress report indicates that, in that subject, it has only been achieved though diligence on his part, active class participation, and much, much, followup at home. Math is a great concern of ours. It's the subject most difficult for him.
But I digress. Left with no other *real* option, other than requesting the refund of monies to the entire student body, and a menu change, I made the Dean aware, in person, that I would be requiring "excused" absences for certain hot lunch and treat days and would require a communication from you. With regard to excused absences and treat days and hot lunch days, I have requested two excused absences until now. I have also requested an "excused" absence for a field trip where a parent could not be present. His IEP allows for additional "excused" absences when circumstances, possibly unforeseen, avail no other option, or when we as parents deem the activity too great a risk.
Per (my son's) IEP, the district was willing to supply an RN (but not *the school*, or the District RN) to accompany him, and I [i]declined[/i].
I thank you for the advance preparation that made that activity accessible to him, if only per the wording of his IEP. It was appreciated. I will need documentation of the excused absences. I expect that any class assignment related to the activity was either excused, or we were not made aware of, so I'll be assuming it was excused. I made the dates of excused absences available to the Dean, in person, and he was to relay them to you. Please confirm.
I will also find it necessary for you to dismiss (son) early tomorrow, and directly prior to lunch as hot lunch will not only be something unsafe for (son) to participate in, but equally unsafe for him to remain in school during it's distribution, consumption, and thereafterwards, until the premises can be cleaned thoroughly. He will need an excused absence and school work sent home with him. I will call off the afternoon bus. Please make the aide aware. Please confirm.
I am also requesting the the Occupational Therapist and Speech Therapist contact me as soon as possible. My home and cell number are on file with the district. (2 numbers) respectively.
You will need to assign a new case manager to (son), in (former case manager's) absence. Her communication regarding certain academic issues is sorely missed.
As a note, you might want to review this at your convenience. Early last school year, and prior to the formation of the ad hoc committee created to develop a local wellness policy, I had requested, unsuccesfully of , Superintendent, and Mrs. Coop Special Education Supervisor, in writing, to be part of that committee. Section 204 of the Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004 directly speaks to how such committee should be formed and of who should comprise them. I also requested this of District (number) Special Education Supervisor, and Coop Special Education Case Manager, to be part of such a committee created to develop a "local wellness policy", but was not taken up on my offer.
I have seen copies (entirely one and one eighth page worth) of the "Local Wellness Policy" our district has adopted. I had thought, and still do, that my input as a community member, an RN, and parent of special needs children in the district, as well as Special Education children in the district, over-qualified me. I came as no surprise that they didn't accept my volunteerism. (can we both laugh?) In light of some of the foodstuffs sanctioned by and provided through the school district and (middle school name) itself, I'm wondering if we meet the requirements?
"Please share with school administrators or food service program.
Subject: $15,000 Grant Opportunity- DUE DECEMBER 15, 2006
Hidden Valley(r) Ranch Dressings
Love Your Veggies(tm) Nationwide School Lunch Campaign
Grant Guidelines
Millions of students across America consume lunch at school daily. For
many children, it will be the most important meal of the day,
contributing 1/3 to 1/2 of their nutritional intake. Recognizing that
schools, educators and school food service staff are dedicated to
supporting improved children's nutrition, Hidden Valley(r), with the
support from the School Nutrition Association, California Expanded
and Nutrition Education Program and Butte County Cooperative Extension
will partner with schools to help improve children's nutrition. In a
recent study with two Northern California elementary schools conducted
by the University of California Davis Department of Nutrition,
California Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program and Butte
County Cooperative Extension, children ate 23 percent more vegetables
when paired with a moderate amount of ranch dressing. In celebration
children's lo ve of vegetables with ranch dressing, Hidden Valley(r)is
making available up to five (5) fifteen thousand dollar ($15,000)
to public elementary schools in the United States to support increased
access to and consumption of fresh, healthy foods made available
an on-campus vegetable station.
Each grant award will support a public elementary school in developing
vegetable station featuring fresh produce beginning in March 2007 and
lasting through the 2007-2008 school year. Each school grant will
consist of $15,000 in direct funding and a donation of Hidden
ranch dressings (schools can select from a variety of Hidden Valley(r)
dressings options including the Light and Fat Free offerings).
Funding must be spent on any of the following:
* Equipment for vegetable station
* Fresh produce (vegetables and fruits)
* Program staffing (to run vegetable station)
* Nutrition education supplies
* Nutritional training - each grant recipient must spend a
of $2,000 of the $15,000 grant on nutritional training including a
course for school personnel given by their local EFNEP representative
how to create a healthy and nutritious environment in your school.
Proposals are due December 15, 2006, at 5pm PST. Late proposals
postmarked after December 15 will not be considered. If Hidden
receives less than ten (10) proposals by December 15, we will notify
schools about a potential extension date for proposal submission.
Schools will be notified of their award status soon after January 1,
2007, with a target date of no later than January 15, 2007.
Proposal Requirements
* School must have an approved Local Wellness Policy in place as
of July 1, 2006.
* A brief profile of your school and a narrative that describes
why access to fresh, healthy food matters to the students at your
and the surrounding community. (Maximum word limit: 350).
* Overall plan and how your school's vegetable station lunch
program would work. Include details such as: how the program will be
implemented, where fresh produce be procured, number of students
participating, student's cost of the vegetable station, other
components of the program, such as student, teacher and parent
involvement; nutrition education; plan for sustainability. (Maximum
limit: 1200).
Other elements of a successful grant application include:
ways to increase vegetable intake using Hidden Valley(r) ranch
student involvement in all phases of the program, parent involvement,
school personnel involvement; nutrition education component;
component and a plan for sustainability. Food safety is an important
concern to food service personnel and administration. A way to deal
assuring the standards of food safety in coordination with
the vegetable station and increasing vegetable intake should be
addressed. This might include, for example, using individually
portions, or single-service items.
* A detailed budget and budget justification.
Allowable expenses include: produce, equipment for vegetable station,
cost of food for recipe demonstrations/taste testing that promotes
healthy food (vegetables), cost for food samples associated with
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clean-up food for vegetable stations, demonstrations and/or taste
testing purposes, refreshments for student, parent, school personnel
meetings related to the project.
All equipment must be reasonable, necessary and integral to the
Kitchen appliances may be purchased only with justification of
reasonable and necessary need.
* Evaluation to assess the success of the program. Methods should
be included in the proposal. The program should be documented,
information/data collected on the process and success of program,
including outcomes (described below):
Each grant recipient must provide updates on their vegetable station
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October 2007, January 2008, March 2008 and May 2008. Each update
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* Describe how your school's vegetable station lunch program is
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weekly basis.
* Describe what is working in the vegetable station lunch program
and what has been a challenge.
* Include digital pictures (jpeg) of the vegetable station being
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* Include the most recent information on vegetable and fruit
* Has fresh vegetable and fruit consumption increased since it
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* If so, how? Please include specific data since the vegetable
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* Include feedback from the student body regarding the vegetable
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school? Is there any part of this program they dislike? If so, why?
Grant awards will be based on proposals that demonstrate: need (need
funding, youths' nutrition needs, students underserved by existing
programs), innovation (innovative, appropriate and creative evaluation
methods, innovative enhancement of existing support or program,
inventive program scope), greatest likelihood of sustainable impact on
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Based on these criteria, Hidden Valley(r), in its sole discretion and
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Grant applications should be sent to:
Hidden Valley(r) Love Your Veggies(tm) Nationwide School Lunch
Attn: Dianna Mangiantini
440 Pacific Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94133
Applications can also be electronically submitted to:
Vyki Jackson, School Health Consultant
Illinois Department of Human Services
Office of Family Health
School Health Program
email: [email]victoria.jackson@illinois.gov[/email]
School Health Program Website:
With sincerity,
Mrs. (you'd didn't think you could sweep this under the rug, did you??) ~cc: up the chain of command, of course~
ps....(former case manager) was going to notify me when the "popcorn" club and the "drama club" were open for enrollment. I am still awaiting news. Could you update me?
General Disclaimer: Do not try this at home. This stunt is only to be performed by trained......something or other. I am not offering advice, I do not guarantee the currentness, content, accuracy, or applicability of the link in this....um.....[i]communication[/i].


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