Peanut Allergy Management Plan

Posted on: Sun, 01/28/2001 - 1:51pm
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pIt's been a long time since I posted on the boards. Some of you might remember me. My name is Noreen and I was quite active in 1999 but had to pull back to concentrate on a neurological disorder my son grapples with along with his very severe peanut allergy. But 'tis the season for meeting with school officials for children entering kindergarten in the Fall and I wanted to give back to this community from which I have received so much by sending you a copy of my son's peanut allergy management plan. I'll follow this thread and answer any questions but am not able to fully return to the boards right yet. Hopefully in the future. /p
pI borrowed heavily from FAN and other sources, especially archives from this list. Please feel free to duplicate this plan, make any changes, or add suggestions. I apologize for any fomatting irregularities since I had to paste and copy. /p
pHere goes:/p
pSevere peanut allergy, mild milk allergy, mild asthma, mild Sensory Integration issues/p
p 1. Letter sent home to all parents, advising them that a peanut allergicbr /
child is attending school. The letter should briefly explain thebr /
consequences of peanut exposure. The principal requests that all parentsbr /
voluntarily comply in not sending their child to school with peanut butterbr /
snacks or peanut products. This voluntary ban does not apply to otherbr /
nuts, but should apply to products which list peanuts as a tracebr /
ingredient. The letter should be translated into the native language ofbr /
parents who do not speak English./p
p 2. Parents and teachers implement a "no food sharing" policy./p
p 3. Parent is given the opportunity to read ingredient labels in advance ofbr /
class projects involving food./p
p 4. The allergic child will use an anti-bacterial wipe before eating lunch./p
p 5. Parents and teachers encourage the use of anti-bacterial wipes afterbr /
snack for entire class./p
p 6. Eliminate peanut butter and peanut products from all class art orbr /
science projects. /p
p 7. Birdseed labels should be read carefully, since most commercialbr /
birdseed contains peanut fragments./p
p 8. Bean bag chairs or bean balls on the school premises should be examinedbr /
carefully, as these may occasionally contain nutshells./p
p 9. Provide mother of peanut-allergic child with a list of classmate'sbr /
birthdays or dates when food will be used in school-related /
This way, the parent can plan ahead and provide special treats for thebr /
allergic child./p
p 10. Parent should be notified when a substitute teacher is called in./p
p 11. Parent shall attend all field trips with advanced notice. If for somebr /
reason the parent cannot attend the field trip, a special shirt will bebr /
worn by the peanut allergic child which says "Nuttin/p

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