Possible 504 plan violation

Posted on: Mon, 08/19/2002 - 3:30am
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pI am new to this board and have son with multiple food allergies, including peanuts. He has been attending public school and has a current 504 plan. The primary protective feature of his plan was the presence of a "paraprofessional" to administer epinephrine and other emergency treatment. The aide also evaluated classroom activities and snacks for possible peanut exposure. The plan worked well, with very few problems. /p
pOver the summer the school administration chose to make changes to my son's 504 without consulting me. I still have not been formally notified of the changes; I found out by accident and was able to confirm only that there will not be an aide this year (school starts next week). Previously, teachers were not permitted (union contract) to administer the epi-pen. Apparently, that has changed and they will be the first response to a reaction. This may be acceptable but I feel there are many more issues in keeping a child safe./p
pSo, here are my questions. 1) Can the school make changes to a 504 plan without informing the parents? 2) Can the classroom teacher be considered a "paraprofessional"? Since my 504 plan is very specific about the presence of a paraprofessional, I believe one should be available to my son until I agree to a new 504 plan. 3)If my son's rights have been violated, what should I do? /p
pAny advice would be appreciated. I have been researching on the internet and have found some useful information. However, the principal is notoriously difficult when it comes to children with special needs. He has denied my request for a meeting with the teacher. I have spoken to the asst superindent but not have recieved an adequate response. I am running out of time and do not know what to do. I do not want to do the wrong thing, and give up any leverage or rights that I may have. /p
pI apologize for the length of this post./p
pThank youbr /

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