Reaction at school (x2 this year) & trip to ER

Posted on: Wed, 11/19/2008 - 10:01pm
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My P/A son had an anaphylactic reaction last Tuesday at school, unknown reason. It happened in the early morning before snack. An ambulance was called and I was called at work and met the ambulance at the ER. The good part in all of this is that the school did everything it was supposed to do and he got the epi right away. I guess that I'm just frustrated that we still don't know what caused it. He's fine now, 5 days of Prednisone later he's ok. Stressed but ok. Sigh.

Posted on: Wed, 12/03/2008 - 8:59am
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I am sorry to hear of your sons recent reaction. I just thought of a couple questions to try and help track down the reasons for the reactions.
Does your son ride the school bus in the AM? Do they have a strict no eating on the school bus policy?
Does the school offer breakfast? If so do they offer PeanutButter sandwiches to the students?
Would the school be willing to have all children in your sons class wash their hands with soap and water upon arival at school?
Are there any after school activities in your sons class? Do they eat in the class?
Is the class room Peanut free?

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