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Im not sure what you are driving at. My question is, why put peanut flour in icecream? why do Oreo minnies have nuts and the large ones do not.

Just to make sure of what? What would you have done if there had been a reaction? Would you have been writing in to ask why they have to put nuts in evrything?

Who took away your Chocolate? I cant think of one post on this sight that advocated the abolition of any food product. We may wish to keep them out of our childrens classrooms, but thats only because we dont want them to die.


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Double post, I think I got a little flustered.

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Excuse me, but why are you on this board in the first place? Dont you have anything better to do? Your child could still end up with an allergy, so if I were you I would not pass judgement on others. You should also be concerned about your in-laws if they are allergic to peanuts. Just because they are adults doesnt mean they cant have an accidental reaction.

Do you even know what you are talking about? There are many members here who have adult onset of peanut allergies, so that could be you or your children someday. When it does I hope people are more considerate of you then you are of others. Your in-laws must just [b]love[/b] you. [img][/img]

Of course, that good chocolate is a much higher priority than someones life. What were we thinking!

Your in laws are allergic to nuts ,so you tried them on your son?

certainly, if your son has never had any of the common signs of food allergy, you can give your child anything you wish.

However, if any of your children had any early sort of allergic disease, if would be wise to be cautious.
I will also remind you that food allergy can develop at any point in life, just because your child does not have any allergies at the moment, he/she may develop them as a adult , as allergies are in the family genetics.
I suspect that if such a thing happened your opinion would change.

The allergic population are consumers too, so why shouldnt we demand products that are nut/ allergy free?


yall just need to stop
i know that allergies are genetic and i know that my children could be allergic to anything at any time
and i didnt say that chocolate was more important than my children or my in-laws

i could care less if they took things out of the stores that had penuts or anything penut

if my children are allergic to something i will handle it then and yes i will be worried

and i do worry about my family members
that are allergic to anyhting

all of my in-laws have allergies
so does my husband

as a matter of fact we are all allergic to something

so you can all just hush
cause yall cant say i am someone that doesnt care

remember that GOD doesnt like ugly

yo cant judge me just by what you read
on the internet

yo dont know who i am you dont know what i like or what i care about

i am not

you just need to stop thinking that i am a horrible person
thinking that i dont care about my children and in-laws

i replied to the post because i was shocked and
just trying to mostly just trying to find out more information

i know that this is a very important topic to alot of people in the world not just in the US or Canada

the products that my family and i are allergic to we dont buy

we make sure that we look at everyting we buy

and even then we cant be sure that it has the stuff that we are allergic to or not in it
so you people that are trying to make me feel bad or trying to do what ever it is that you are doing it wont work because

for your information
i always make sure i check everyting before my children eat them or drink them

or whatever
i am very careful of what my boys put in their mouths or on them

i am also careful of what i wash their clothes with

there are so many things that they are allergic to it isnt funny

and when my youngest was a baby
there wasnt any milk that he could have wothout getting sick

and the doctor tried telling me that it was normal and i knew that it wasnt
but she just kept on saying that she knew what she was talking about

but now he is ok drinking milk
but who knows he could be allergic to milk
later on in life
i guess i shouldnt have replied to the post that way but you guys are wrong about me

Ive never used the Allergy Kit, but most people Ive spoken with about it are very skeptical. Its great that you had a good experience with it though!

It is important to note, however, that the Allergy Kit does not necessarially cure allergies. On the peanut allergy section of their website, it says this:

""We dont recommend that you go out and have peanuts after your treatment. But if you do, by mistake, you will have less or no reaction depending on whether your body has totally simulated the treatment. The Allergy Kit is good peanut insurance.""

So even if youre willing to try out the kit for yourself or your child, make sure you are still very careful of what you eat, especially if you had a very severe allergy before.

Anyone have some firsthand experience to share?