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Anxiety over food challenge

I am not sure about the actual results correlating to passing a food challenge but I can say that it is absolutely normal to feel nervous or anxious before a food challenge. First thing to remember is that this will be done in the supervision of a doctor and the amount of food given starts very low and increases over time. So if there happens to be any sort of reaction it will hopefully be mild. I know that you will have to stop taking any allergy medications / antihistamines on the day of teh challenge but ask your doctor if you can take anything to help with your overall anxiety. They will know best here. This can include an actual anxiety medication like valium or a natural remedy for anxiety like valerian. But once again, ask your doctor first. A really good page that has excellent references is here:

Once again, you will be around medical professionals so you must take comfort in the fact that they will not let anything happen to you. I know everything will work out well for you!