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epi-pen storage

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Me again - an update which other Mums might be interested in. I found a product called a ""Safetysack""([url][/url]) which is a plastic bag with a childproof zipper which comes with a card with instructions and details for you to fill in pertinent to your child. Looks great. Ive ordered some so Ill keep you posted!
Quote:Originally posted by lizzziesmum:
At my daughters school they keep her epi-pens in a filing cabinet in the office which is some distance from the lunchroom. Does anyone know of a childproof container that they could use so that we could keep the pens in the lunchroom. I dont want anything with a lock or combination as keys get lost and combinations forgotten!

Hi! We have stored a couple Epi-Pens in a wide mouth old fashioned vacuum bottle, Thermos bottle, whatever you call it. I think two Epis plus a small inhaler, plus antihistamine tablets will fit into a quart size Thermos. We then put that into an small insulated ice chest, along with some bottles of water for some ""mass"" to slow down sudden temperature changes. Of course, chose a light (white?) colored ice chest, and keep it out of direct sunlight. We stored Epis in our vehicles this way... Just my suggestion!

Oh, thank you! Do you use bottles of water that are cool, or are they room temperature? (Im completely new to this! I really appreciate the advice!)

Cool would be fine; but we just left the whole ice chest / insulated lunch bag (or whatever) in the vehicle more or less permanently. The bottles of water would change along with their environment, but would help to moderate the highs and lows of the temperature swings. Just the mass of the water takes longer to change than if they were not included. Just the physics of things! Wish you the best!

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To ensure that your Epi-Pen is not exposed to the varying climate changes and hazards of the outdoors, it is essential to keep it stored somewhere that will stay close to room temperature - 25 degrees Celsius/77 degrees Fahrenheit. There are insulated bags and wallets available online which will keep items cool even while outdoors. It also may be helpful to look for temperature-controlled bags that are meant to store insulin, which also needs to be kept at room temperature.

Although using an insulated, temperature-controlled bag for your Epi-Pen would be ideal, another solution is to place the Epi-Pen near items which will keep it cooled down, such as a refrigerated ice pack or bottle. It is important that the Epi-Pen not be in direct contact with these items, though, to ensure that the Epi-Pen stays within the range of 59 and 89 degrees Fahrenheit. It is important to also use a bag or container that will not be contaminated by sand or other elements.

If you are unsure if the Epi-Pen has been affected by the temperature, check for discoloration of the epinephrine. It will turn a pinkish or brownish color if the solution has deteriorated.

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We went on a week long rafting trip in Utah. I was worried about storing my sons epis in 90+ weather for days. I found storage for insulin that has the same temp requirements that uses water activated cooling beads. Keeps at right temp for 72 hours and only needs water to reactivate - perfect while rafting.

Worked very well.

The double size for insulin shots held one epi.

sold on Amazon

We now use them for hiking and other long days out in hot weather.

Hi There

Similar to the previous poster, I put it in the cooler on top where it is cool but not really cold. I put it in a clear cosmetic bag to keep out sand. I sit under the umbrella anyway so the cooler will go there or if It is a short trip to the beach I put it under my chair out of the sun.

I am aware that this may be considered unsolicited sales so feel free to remove the post if it is inappropriate but our company, just added some Epipen strap packs that have insulation lining the fabric to reduce heat transfer. They can be found at our website.

Maybe it is not quite pc - but I am glad you posted - I love the auvi-q pouches you have on the site - just what I was looking for!

short lived excitement - you are out of stock with no restock date - bummer!

New shipment of product coming soon! And new styles.

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