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hey there pen, thanks so much for sharing your story. its truly amazing how you were able to get to the root of your headaches and stop the A&E visits all by seeing an allergist. i have friends who suffered for years with varying ailments and by seeing an allergist and living on an avoidance diet it changed their lives. my life revolves around label reading. i use apps to also verify label and their safety in terms of peanuts. this is a great place to be and get tips from people going through the same thing. were all here to help.

Welcome Pen, good to have you here. One of my good friends developed their food allergy later in life. Ive lived with mine all my life so its been an interesting ride to say the least. I have to read every food label unless I am familiar with the product. And I started using the Allergy Eats app for dining out. I dine out and order take out a lot so it helps to use this app. If I randomly walk into a bakery or cafe, which I tend to do, Ill always talk to a manager or owner to make sure theres no peanuts or possiblity of cross contamination with peanuts. Like Sunshine said, were all here to help one another. Glad to have you here.

Hi Pen, Im new here too and its good to be in a place where people get what Im going through. Sometimes it feels like Im speaking a foreign language when talking to friends about it. And when Im out ordering a particular way I get annoyed looks at times from people who Im out with. I dont think a lot of people know or understand that it can be a matter or life or death. Thank goodness for auto injectors. Theyre life savers and I dont go anywhere without one. I also use the Ipiit app when Im out grocery shopping. Its so helpful and gives me peace of mind. But when it comes to baked goods, I avoid bakeries, and bake myself. Maybe thats be too overly cautious but Id rather be over cautious then suffer a reaction.