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For those with 504 . Did your schooldistrict504 team

We did not have to provide blood tests but did provide the action plan signed by the doctor. Our allergist told us that the protein has to actually be ingested to cause a reaction. Other people will differ I am sure. I have read posts where people had throat swelling from open peanut bags, etc. We dont ever want to chance it so we take extra precautions. The school would not go peanut free for us.

In California, we require that parents provide medical documentation of the qualifying need to create a 504 plan. A note stating the diagnosis by a treating physician will fulfill this requirement. It sounds as though the school has overstepped their bounds.
From a personal perspective, I am a teacher who is severely PA. I am able to put a sign on my classroom door stating that it is a peanut free classroom. I have 2 epipens with me and 2 in the office. Also, I have Benedryl gel in my desk so that if I touch something ""peanuty"" and start itching I can handle it. I have reacted (hives only)to doorknobs and pencils if someone has eaten peanuts and touched the surface before me. It doesnt happen often and I have not gone into anaphylactic shock by touching it.I have managed my PA for a long time. I have learned to be my own advocate and the students and school staff all are aware and are careful. The teachers lunchroom is not peanut free, but everyone is extremely conscientious. I have yet to have a severe reaction at school. Hang in there.

Im a school administrator in NYC with a Peanut/Tree Nut/Sunflower allergic son who will be attending Kindergarten in September (also in NYC). His upcoming school claims that they have never had to accommodate a student with an allergy, even though they have a 3rd grader with a severe tree nut allergy. We havent gotten to the 504 portion of his enrollment, but the beginning stages does not fill me with any sort of confidence. It pains me that there are so many uninformed educated adults working within the same district/system as me.

My wife and I are well-informed of what rights we have (ADA, 504, NYC Chancellors Regulations), but are anticipating a long fight. Hopefully the school puts the child first and not budgetary issues first.

Lastly, I will say that there are many an uniformed parent about what rights they have, whereas where I grew up in Long Island, NY there are so many school districts with Peanut-Free classrooms and such. Its a shame to see the disparity.