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Great Falls School District with understanding and complience to respecting allergies in the school

Why dont you move to some liberal school on the east or west coast that will cater to your snowflake?

When we moved to a Texas, I contacted both the health and nutrition departments at the new school districts. The school district we ended up in is the one that, surprised by my questions, joked ""Well, we havent lost one yet!""

While the new 504 was not the same as the previous one, we worked out a set of compromises. We did insist that an anaphylaxis emergency kit be available in her classroom and at the Nurses office - at our expense. We didnt insist a peanut-free school or a peanut-free lunch table, just safe zones. Sometimes that meant our child had to eat alone or not participate in a particular activity. Her level of inclusion was dependent on her teacher and her classmates.

The school Nurse can be your best ally and advocate. If you have time, meet with the school nurses at possible schools. You can tell from their attitude and experiences how your childs experience will be.

Dear Hummus Lover,

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